Do you have enough brain power?


First person to post all of these correctly gets one month free of buzz profits!

The Science: An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram (SIS), designed to create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional (3D) scene from a two-dimensional image in the human brain. In order to perceive 3D shapes in these autostereograms, the brain must overcome the normally automatic coordination between focusing and vergence.

  • Lou

    2 bunnies
    2 bells
    a dog
    a shark
    a starfish
    a vase? (not sure about this one)

    what’s my score? :)

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  • Alex Shalman

    1: 2 rabbits
    2: butterfly
    3: 2 bells
    4: 1 dog
    5: shark
    6: starfish
    7: sphinx
    8: a vase

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  • Dean Hunt

    Lou, truth be told, I can’t see any of them, I have never been able to do these… but a friend knows the answers, so will post the results once everyone has had a go.


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  • Alex Shalman

    Ahhh, I got beat. I blame slow internet connection =)

    So, I guess I confirm Lou. Dean, you have to kind of stare into it and cross your eyes a bit. You have to be at the sweet spot distance away from the screen. The distance from my wrist to my elbow does it for me.

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  • underworld

    just hurts my eyes! lol

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  • Frederik

    Nice post! Attracted my eyes in a glance and held me here for about 15 minutes =)

    Well, I found a dog – I am not sure about that one..

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  • Bryan Walsh

    I agree with the first two. But to be a little more specific:

    1. 2 Chinchillas
    2. One butterfly
    3. 2 Bells with a bow
    4. Pointer (English?)
    5. One Shark
    6. One Starfish
    7. King Tut
    8. Vase on a table

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  • recession marketing monkey

    1. An inflatable teapot
    2. A zebra drinking Cobra beer (wise choice)
    3. A Kappa jacket
    4. An invisible headless bunny
    5. A beginners guide to PPC
    6. Your mom and the milkman
    7. 4 eskimo’s fishing
    8. 6 council estate wannabe lapdancers


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  • Vini

    I got it:

    2 bunnies
    a butterfly
    a dog
    a shark
    a starfish
    a pharaoh
    a vase

    But I have to say Dean thanks for another free traffic tip. This post demonstrates another possibly viral idea.



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  • Tammy

    I find looking up really close and slowly moving away works well too :)

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  • Frederik

    I reviewed it and now I can see it so clearly:

    1. a bunny
    2. a butterfly
    3. a christmas bell
    4. a dog
    5. a shark
    6. a starfish
    7. a pharao, to be precise: Tutanchamum
    8. a vase

    Very nice post indeed!

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  • kevin

    harder than it looks, look about 3 ft away, squint, and you get these dead easy, looking forwrd to free subcsription

    3.lord lucan
    5.dean hunt
    6.Yellow bellied Toad
    7.father christmas
    8.Prime minister in gay orgy??

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  • Dean Hunt

    Lou was our winner.

    Lou, email me to claim your free subscription to

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  • Jenn McGroary

    So cool, didn’t know that these would actually work viewing on a computer screen!

    Thanks. Will be sharing… :-)

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  • Agent 001

    Wow! My eyes just stained. I was not able to get most of them.

    Congrats Lou.

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  • Millionaire Acts

    Wow, this makes me feel dizzy. Well, I am late for this contest. Congrats for the winner!

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