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Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a blueprint we could follow to be not only successful, but happy as well?

The good news is that such a blueprint exists, it is called “DNA” and I will show you how I have changed my entire life by using this technique.

Before We Start

Before we get into this, I should mention that most people do the exact opposite of this… you see, people like Frank Kern, Gary Vaynerchuk, Yanik Silver etc… explain how they make money or become successful, and we all make the mistake of trying to copy them.

This may sound like a logical thing to do, especially for fans of “modeling success”, but you if you want to achieve real results, then you first need to look internally before you look to externally copy others.

Your DNA Blueprint

The key here is to really get to know yourself, I don’t mean get naked or go on a spiritual journey or anything like that… I mean discovering your strengths, your passions, your weaknesses, what excites you, what bores you, what unique abilities you have?, whether you like to work alone or in groups, are you and Alpha personality? What is your preferred medium? etc…

Sounds intense, but it is essential to being successful.

The 4ft High Basketball Player Syndrome

If you don’t discover your DNA, then you are likely to become a 4ft high basketball player, in other words, you are going to be doing things you are not naturally good at, and so life is going to be an uphill battle. (or as I like to call it: Pissing into the wind)

Create Your Success Map

Again, this sounds a little new-age and wishy washy, but bear with me.

What you do here is highlight your strengths, abilities, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc… and then create a list of guidelines for how you should work. Don’t be afraid of a little wishful thinking here, they may not sound realistic at first, but there is always a way of making them work.

Even though it is a deeply private and intimate thing, I have published my success map below, I consult this map whenever I have a new opportunity, project, task or idea.

Dean’s Success Map (a.k.a my rules of business)

dean hunt dubai

1) If a task cannot go from start to finish in under 24 hours, be very wary of starting it

2) Avoid all tasks that require consistency, instead, look for impulse-based ones.

3) Where possible, works with others (ideally in person)

4) If it isnt fun, find a way of making it fun… if that doesn’t work, stop doing it.

5) Focus on early stage aspects of business, e.g working with startups, creating ideas, opportunities, etc…

6) Push your comfort zone, but, if you push it and dont feel either fulfilled or happy, then dont repeat.

7) Be wary of long term commitments, micro-implement first.

8: Be an opportunity finder. (e.g find ad deals, interviews, sponsors, partnerships, guests, etc)

9) Always look to monetize and benefit from spontaneity and distractions.

10) Surround yourself with bright, positive, smart, passionate people, avoid negative people.

11) You must value your time before anyone else will

12) Happiness —-> Money

13) Find and focus on your medium, by all means dabble with others, but only if you find them fun or rewarding.

14) Don’t announce you are going to do something to your audience or community until you 100% have it ready.

What The $%&£!!!

So hopefully you can see how consulting this success map is a great tool for making decisions, choosing projects, choosing a career, business, hobby etc…

I use it with all my business decisions, if an opportunity comes that goes against my rules, I look to tweak it or change it so that it fits, or, I just avoid it. If I have a task to do, I first consult this success map to decide whether I should do it, outsource it, tweak it… etc…

You may be wondering exactly what these 14 rules mean to me, so to give a little more info, here are the 14 rules again, this time with my explanation:

1) If a task cannot go from start to finish in under 24 hours, be very wary of starting it

I am renown for getting pumped about a task or project, and then a few days later I lose interest. I call this shiny object syndrome, some call it ADD, instead of fighting it, I now look to first consult my success map to ensure it is definitely what I should be working on, and then I ask myself the following: “If you worked on this task for 24 hours straight, would it be completed in that time?”

If the answer is no, I am extremely wary of starting it.

2) Avoid all tasks that require consistency, instead, look for impulse-based ones.

Consistency, discipline and focus are the opposites of my skills, I am creative, new, fresh, spontaneous etc… so I avoid recurring tasks, and longterm tasks. For example, I could have broken this post into 4 sections and posted one per day, but it is likely that by day 3, I would have been focused on something else.

3) Where possible, works with others (ideally in person)

I have been working in a home office for the past 6 years, mostly on my own. Whilst there are benefits of this, such as being able to watch funny YouTube videos, the reality is that I am a people person, I am social, I love people, and my energy levels, motivation, passion and enthusiasm all rocket when I am with the right kind of people… so I now look to work with others where possible (hence the podcast with Ciaran)

4) If it isnt fun, find a way of making it fun… if that doesn’t work, stop doing it.

Ok, this sounds a bit unrealistic, afterall, work is rarely fun… right?

Well, in today’s world, we can follow our passions, and what’s more, if I stick to my skills, my passions and my unique abilities, then I will enjoy it.

You see, it is not just the niche that is a source of passion, it is the task itself. For example, I love video games, but if I had to do the accounts for a video game store, I would jump out the nearest window.

There are always ways of making things more fun as well. I did an interview recently, and I asked my Twitter followers to think of silly words that I could slip into the interview as a joke. It made the interview even more fun for me. (yes, I am childish)

5) Focus on early stage aspects of business, e.g working with startups, creating ideas, opportunities, etc…

Nothing gets me more pumped than the early stages of business. Whether it be coming up with big ideas, finding opportunities, spotting talent, bringing partnerships together, brainstorming a plan of attack, launching a new site etc…

However, nothing bores me more than the longterm details. So by choosing projects focused more on the early stages, such as helping people launch businesses, turn their passions into cash, working with startups, consulting etc… I do what I do best, and I enjoy it.

6) Push your comfort zone, but, if you push it and dont feel either fulfilled or happy, then dont repeat.

I am a big fan of pushing your comfort zone. I was once told that “nothing worth doing is done from within a comfort zone”.

However, if you push your comfort zone, try something new, and find that you didn’t enjoy it, get a rush, want to do it again etc… then don’t do it again.

I was scared of public speaking, I pushed my comfort zone, and realised that I quite enjoyed it, so I did it again. But I pushed my comfort zone by moving to a country that didn’t speak English, I didn’t like it, so I won’t do it again… again, sounds common sense, but only once you know yourself can you get this level of clarity.

7) Be wary of long term commitments, micro-implement first.

This is a biggie. Afterall, I am impulsive and passionate, so I am prone to diving headfirst into the flavour of the month. The rule tells me to micro-implement it first.

For example, with the podcast, we planned to do 3 episodes, and if it wasn’t working out, we wouldn’t continue.

I also am in talks with a major business partnership, and we have created a 6 month test period first. If that works, then, and only then can we look at creating a joint company etc…

8) Be an opportunity finder. (e.g find ad deals, interviews, sponsors, partnerships, guests, etc)

I love this stuff, and I have a natural talent at not only spotting opportunity, but convincing others to be a part of it. So I will ensure that part of my working day is focused on such tasks.

9) Always look to monetize and benefit from spontaneity and distractions.

This is a tough one to follow, but for example, if I have a spare of the moment idea, I have this blog as an outlet for that, and I can (if I want) monetise this blog.

My distractions include things like funny videos and video games, so let’s look at the two blog posts prior to this one: The Heavy Metal Dog Video (a video that made me laugh) and a video game review of an Xbox360 game I have been playing recently.

I am also in talks to launch a video game show and portal.

10) Surround yourself with bright, positive, smart, passionate people, avoid negative people.

I am easily influenced, so when I met Gary Vaynerchuk in London I was super pumped for the rest of the weekend. But the reverse is also true, I know people who complain about everything, and I seem to feel ill and negative when I have been around them for a few hours.

11) You must value your time before anyone else will

This was the best piece of advice I EVER got. If you don’t value your time, nobody else will. I could spend hours teaching about how to use this advice, but this post is already too damn long.

12) Happiness —-> Money

I have been flat broke and happy, and I have had more money than I could spend and been miserable. I am not saying that therefore you should become broke if you want to be happy, but beyond basic security, money is pretty empty and shallow.

I now focus on things that provide happiness to me, and funnily enough, the money often follows.

13) Find and focus on your medium, by all means dabble with others, but only if you find them fun or rewarding.

What is your preferred medium? If you don’t know the answer then you are in trouble.

e.g are you a good writer, artist, do you love to be on video, do you prefer face to face, do you like talking but are camera shy? If so, then audio is perhaps your medium.

It is important to know which medium you most excel in.

For me, it is behind a keyboard (writing), sure, I dabble with video and audio, and my northern charm and weird sense of humour means I can often get away with it, but I am by no means a natural on video, so I focus most of my efforts on writing, and I dabble in audio and video, but ONLY because I enjoy it, not because I feel I have to.

14) Don’t announce you are going to do something to your audience or community until you 100% have it ready.

Regular readers will know I am terrible with this sort of thing. I announce a project, or something I am going to release, and then it never happens. PS: 11 Deadly Business Myths is coming soon ;-)

So now I don’t promise stuff unless it is ALREADY completed and ready to go.


As you can see, I have been getting to know myself a lot more over the past few months, it has resulted in some drastic changes in my life, and has put me into what many consider a very scary position.

But I know that for the first time, I am now starting to focus on what I know, what I love and what I am naturally good at, and less on things I dislike and suck at.

If I can help you with your success map, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.


PS: this is perhaps the most important and powerful blog post I have ever done, so please try and take action on it.

PPS: I am open to ideas, opportunities, new consulting clients etc… email me if you wanna chat:

  • Sean McPheat

    I’m a firm believer that if you chase the money then it runs even quicker away from you!

    A lot of success comes down to doing what you love to do. I can sometimes work 16 hour days and it feels like I haven’t done a days work! Why? Because I love every single minute of what I do.

    And yes, I make millions out of it!

    For years though I chased success and the money and was doing things I was not good at or had no interest in just to try and make the big bucks. And oh boy those 16 hour days were killers!!

    Today, it’s important that you understand the rules you want to live and work by. By having this clarity only and by taking action on it, will make sure that the money comes your way – that is if you’re doing the right things of course!

    But you know where I’m coming from.

    Two of the biggest changes I made was to centre all of the operations, the service, the systems, the finance function and everything else in my business to serve marketing at the expense of everything else. It worked!

    Another “rule” was to ditch any “toxic” colleagues or friends that I had. Those that were not on the same “wavelength” and path as me were ditched in terms of outlook, attitude and work ethic. Sounds dramatic but by doing “the right thing” I’ve attracted other like minded people into my life.

    So, be yourself and find your true self.

    My god, this is heavy for a Friday afternoon!


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  • Dean Hunt


    I completely agree.

    When I am doing what I am naturally good at, 16 hours can fly by, and of course, the opposite is true.

    I agree ref having the rules, those 14 rules are my personal ones, and they have served me well thus far.

    And “toxic” friends… I have been there, VERY dangerous.

    Speak soon.


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  • J

    All of this is true, but I also believe (and know) that there are people that love (gives them a feeling of accomplishment or something) pissing against the wind… while moving away to avoid it come back to them :-)

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  • Trends

    Awesome post Dean, things rings true especially after watching your interview with Gary and Ciaran and of course reading Crush It!

    Will print this out and meditate on it to come up with my own DNA list.


    - TRENDS
    .-= Trends´s last blog ..How Important is The Nightlife to Your City? =-.

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  • Jenny Nunning


    I previously wrote a really long (sorry – I like to talk!) comment about another of your podcasts that I listened to, and now I absolutely HAVE TO leave another one (much shorter – I hope)! I am literally crying right now. I feel like after what you have taught me today, I am now closer than ever to being able to find MY WAY to success and happiness, with the tools you both are providing! I just read this blog post after I listened to another podcast (post Gary interview) by you and Ciaran. I read and listen to personal development information almost constantly and I have never been more affected than by what I have just learned from you and Ciaran this morning!

    I am a 37 year old educated and “successful” woman who has a “great” job and makes “great” money. I should be really happy, right? The problem is that I am miserable! The work that I do makes me feel completely stagnant! I feel that I have all of this potential that can truly benefit the world (just like we all do), if I could just find out what I’m supposed to be doing! Well, the concepts that I have learned from you both today have been life changing! I am starting a success map IMMEDIATELY! I think this is one of the SMARTEST things I have ever seen!

    Even though I have seen recommendations similar to this before, what I think is so revolutionary about your idea, is that it shows that everyone’s “rules for success” are different! With this project, you make your OWN rules for success. There is no room in this concept for “cookie cutter” or “copycat” success. If you make a personal success map and continually update and tweek it with every new experience, there is no way you will not have a clearer understanding of what will make you happy and successful!

    I also really appreciate that you shared your personal success map. What I learned from your map is that qualities that some people may see as a negative, you actually use as a positive!!! I share your quality of being VERY passionate, but with an extremely short attention span. I constantly come up with these amazing ideas that literally make me jump up and down with excitement, but if I stay in the thinking stage about them and don’t act on them immediately, or if they take too long to implement, I lose interest VERY quickly.

    I have always thought this was a debilitating weakness of mine that I needed to seriously work on to be successful. My new perspective, after looking at your success map, is that maybe this is just a part of my DNA and that I need to find ways to CAPITOLIZE on this quality! SO EXCITING!!!!!

    I could obviously write on and on, but this is way longer than I promised it would be already (sorry again!) and I want to start on my success map RIGHT NOW! I am just so happy that I “coincidentally” came across your podcast while working out at the gym last week. Like I said in a previous comment, I generally don’t even search in the business category of podcasts, as I am not in business. But tell me, WHO would not benefit from listening to the information you are providing? I think housewives to grave diggers can benefit from your information on “keeping it real”, “personal branding”, ” being true to your DNA”, etc. I am personally telling everybody that I know about your web-sites and podcasts!

    Oh, and I guarantee that you WILL be on Oprah someday. The world needs to hear what you have to say! Secondly, I DON’T think you should consolidate your podcasts to a half an hour. I think the interspersing of bull-shit between the two of you is part of the charm of the podcast! DON’T BE COOKIE CUTTER! Isn’t that what I am learning from you!?!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dean and Ciaran! Keep on Keeping it Real!

    Jenny N.

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  • Dean Hunt


    WOW, what can I say?

    Firstly, thanks for having the bravery and honesty to not only write that comment, but to publish it here.

    Secondly, you deserve a much bigger reply than this, and I am just heading out for 30 minutes, so I will write a full one when I get back, and am happy to chat via email if I can be of any further help to you.

    I believe Ciaran is going to make a success map for himself as well, I am sure he will share it also.


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  • Tammy

    Success map mosaic? Not sure if anyone watches Flash Forward (best show!), but could be a neat idea. Dean could we send you our personal success maps and maybe you can publish them somewhere for others to read :)
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..#37 Tammy’s Appraisals! A tip for identifying pottery. Where to check prices and another interview with Auction Wally! =-.

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  • Dean Hunt


    I think I have an idea actually.

    But yes, in the meantime, that would be a great idea.


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  • Dean Hunt


    Ok, I will try and address numerous points from within your incredible comment.

    Firstly, glad you enjoy the podcast, I think we are getting better all the time, and the feedback is great.

    You mentioned finding us in a business category… where was that? iTunes?

    Ref your job, I believe that is a more common situation than you may believe… I have been successful and unhappy, I have had the dream house, swimming pool etc… and from the outside looking in, it was bliss, but inside I wasn’t happy.

    I believe passion is the key ingredient, and you cannot be passionate about something you dislike, and you can’t be passionate about something longterm that isn’t in your DNA.

    Your point about copying others is spot on!

    No two people have the exact same DNA, so to some extent, copying gurus is a dangerous path.

    What I now do is create my own map, know myself inside out, know my strengths and weaknesses, likes, dislikes etc… and then look to successful people for systems, techniques etc… and I ONLY incorporate them if they match my success map.

    So many people have grabbed a video camera and copied Gary Vaynerchuk, the problem is they dont have his DNA, in fact, some of them darn right suck on video, and should be writing or drawing or singing instead.

    They dont have his passion, his drive, his charisma, gift of the gab etc… and so they are destined to fail.

    Ref me sharing my map, it is my pleasure. I confess it is quite a personal thing to do, and you really are laying yourself bare for all to see, but it is worth it when I get comments like yours.

    Ref the comment about always feeling it was a weakness… that is EXACTLY how I felt. I used to beat myself up about it and try and fight my weaknesses… I am all for personal growth, but when you find a machine that can change and edit human DNA, then we can go down that road, until then, we gotta play to our strengths.

    You made a good point about tweaking it over time… funnily enough, I am working on a new rule as we speak… along the lines of this:

    NEW RULE: “If a project or task is likely to take more than 24 hours to complete, create a 3 day incubator period, and if you still think it is an idea worth pursuing on day 4, then go for it”

    This is because I tend to dive into new ideas with all the good will and enthusiasm in the world, to find 2 days later it wasn’t as good an idea as I first thought.

    I dont want to find that I have 100 rules one day, as it is important not to over complicate things, but you are right that it is a living breathing thing that adapts over time based on experience, failures, successes etc…

    Jenny, thanks also for the support. We need all the help we can get promoting the show, so telling your friends etc would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep in touch, and if you don’t want to post your success map here, then please email it to me.

    To your success.


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  • Kyle Webs

    Good stuff man…..I should probably start doing that soon…..

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  • Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola

    Are you me? You sound so much like me, except I love public speaking and being in front of the camera. I’m new to all this technology, but found you through a twitter. This is all such good information and real. I’m be staying tuned.

    Princess Carroll Ayo

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  • Dean Hunt



    Everyone has their own unique DNA blueprint, it looks like you already know what you love, that is a great start.

    Speak soon.


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  • Sue

    Hi Dean,
    I’ve been following your posts for months and love all of them – the information is awesome. I think that I’ve found my DNA – actually I was forced to rethink my DNA when I was laid off from a great paying job which was so stressful that I was a bundle of nerves. So, now I’m persuing a new path and I find your information very unique and valuable to follow.
    I enjoyed reading Jenny’s response to your information, it’s so true about chasing money and thinking that it will bring happiness.
    I hate to write and often find no words…but I shall keep reading your posts and perhaps someday I will inspired and be filled with the creative writing bug.
    Thanks again Dean

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  • Dean Hunt


    Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

    You said: “I hate to write and often find no words” then you shouldn’t be writing.

    What do you prefer to do instead? Can you talk on a phone, on video? Draw? Sing? Animate?

    Thanks again.


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  • http://na alvin

    hey dean
    been a blog subscriber for a little while and this is my first comment.your post is basically where
    I am at right now sort of defining my own quirks etc.
    and you know what you showed me Im on the right track thanks for the confirmation

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  • Dean Hunt


    Glad I could help.

    Please comment more often, many thanks.


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  • Juho

    This is brilliant. Honestly. Going to do my success map right now. Notepad, meet pen.
    .-= Juho´s last blog ..Sneaky Mobile Trick Increases Sales By 1000% =-.

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  • Paula from Affiliate Blog Online

    I’m so glad I found your blog again. I remember the $1m review and how it cracked me up but couldn’t remember your url. Will save you to my favorites this time.

    I really like the idea of this DNA success map. It’s not something I have thought of doing before. It’s almost like the 12 commandments – ‘Thou shalt not hang out with negative people’ – ‘Thou shalt make work fun’.

    I think for me #12 really hit home. My problem is focusing too much on the money. I think I need to relax a bit and just enjoy the process…because really I do love working on my online business.
    .-= Paula from Affiliate Blog Online´s last blog ..We’ve Added the Comment Luv Plugin to Our Blog =-.

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