Declutter Your Life


I have recently been de-cluttering my life.. which is a fancy way of saying “getting rid of all the crap that seems important and valuable but ISN’T”.

This video explains more:

Have you ever considered decluttering your life? Comment below.

  • Kerwin

    Hiya Dean,

    Good on you for doing that.
    I have a lot of crap myself and its hard to just toss it. I’m a pack rat. I’ll start today once more and see how I get on. As I look around my room, I’m dreading it, uugh…

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  • jerome


    Excellent point! I think that for many “adults” the question comes down to “I have 24 hours in my day 10 are spent at work, 2 are spent getting to and from said work, and then 8 sleeping” If I devote 30 minutes to each meal I am left with 2.5 hours a day to do everything else in those “other 5 days” So what am I going to do with THAT! Well I have a garage that has gone (in 5 years) from Office to Music Studio to “storage.” What I found was that the reason I never started was because I looked at the ENTIRE project at one time, and actually envisioned taking EVERYTHING out of my garage, sorting through it and putting back what I needed. THATS overwhelming!
    Instead I took 1 hour every saturday and worked on one space (Always start with the requisite number of green garbage bags, figure 1 bag for every 20 minutes of work)

    This works VERY well, as long as, like some folks, you dont stop to read every magazine in its entirety in order to determine WHY you thought you might like to keep it!

    Instead, keep on track use a max of 30 seconds to determine such things and you can do AMZING things.

    Between you and I we could do away with “Hoarders”

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  • Miriam Ortiz y Pino

    I’ve found that when clutter piles up making some quick decisions and getting the easy stuff out of the way helps create the space for the tougher decisions to happen. Plus the more you practice and ask yourself is this really important to me, the easier it is to keep future clutter at bay.

    Dean, have you started filling up your new place yet?
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  • David

    Hi Dean,
    Doing it right now,,we have sold over £400 of old junk.
    Its very Buddhist thing to do they say?



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