Confessions Of The Buzz Content Hustlers FREE Report


Have you ever wondered how I am able to get so many creative ideas for buzz content?

I have a confession… I am a hustler. I cheat, I use content creativity exploits to generate creative content with no brainstorming, no hours of planning, and almost no effort.

Barry and I put these exploits into a secret report that we showed at Yanik Silver’s Millionaire Mastermind Group in Texas last week, and Yanik and the gang loved it.

So we decided that it was unfair to restrict this information to a select few…

So, for anyone who owns a website, a business in general, or simply just wants to know how a hustler can appear like a creative genius. Here is the report, no opt-in required, no registration, no $97 fee, nothing, zilch, nada.

Just quality content for free.

Download your copy right now by clicking the image or link from below:

Download the: Buzz Content Hustlers Confessions Report FREE

Warning: Once my server has been battered, I will take the report down, so if you are reading this, grab a copy while you still can.

Oh, and if that isn’t enough, for all you blog or website owners, I am letting readers send this report to their lists, post it on their blogs, give it to their audience, pass to their friends etc… totally free of charge.

Disclaimer: You cannot charge for this report, reproduce it in any way, or use it as a lead generator… you MUST give it away for free, no strings attached. We do have a legal team, and even though they think we are “nuts” for giving our best stuff for free, we will enforce that if we have to.

You still here?

Download the: Buzz Content Hustlers Confessions Report FREE

  • Codrut Turcanu I Blogging for Dummies

    Hot, hot, hot… truly red-hot!

    Man, what else you wanna say about it?

    Can’t believe you’re giving this away :)

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  • Dean Hunt

    Many thanks.

    Glad you enjoyed it.


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  • Melvin

    you are really a cool guy dean! ;-)

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  • Andrew Goulding

    Dean & Barry

    The Desktop publishing looks sensational
    The cover page made me laugh (in a good way)
    The angled pages look clever (and the paper clip is sensational)
    The content? I’d've liked fewer links and more discussion of the ones chosen but I’m picky.
    All in all, a wonderful freebie from the Kings of Buzz.


    Andrew Goulding

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  • Alan Kirke

    Always enjoy your content Dean and very impressivly Presented.

    Cheers Alan Kirke

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  • Robert – The Wholesale Products Guy

    I am looking at your killer bunny video as I write this – and in addition to being funny – how did you produce such a, well, “realistic” piece of footage..

    I can’t tell whether or not the bunnies are computer generated, or people in costumes (LOL). If it is not too lengthy or complicated an answer – or you had someone else do it – please post some of the tools you used to create them.

    In addition, the report is great. Great list of “hustles”. But, once again, I have to ask. What did you use to created that PDF? Word?

    A specific desktop publishing tool? While I have created one ebbok, I have yet to understand what makes a well designed ebook like yours.

    Any thoughts or comments are appreciated..

    After all, I am entitled to your opinion..


    Robert C. – The Wholesale Products Guy

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  • Jay | Wealthy Affiliate Insider

    Downloaded it yesterday. Some really great ideas in there that I’m gonna try. Ebook looks great too.

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  • Robert – The Wholesale Products Guy


    Did I offend thee by asking about how you created your killer bunny video clip – and the tools you used to create your ebook?

    Sorry about that. But, you didn’t have to delete my post altogether. You could have just said it was proprietary.



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  • Robert – The Wholesale Products Guy

    Holy Moly..

    Sorry, my original post just showed up here..

    I have no idea why it did not appear in either one of my browsers right away.

    My most humble apologies..

    Please, delete them all if you wish..

    I am truly, and idiot..

    But, don’t tell anyone else..

    No idiot “buzz” for me..

    Warmest Regards..


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  • Ed Hawkeye Hennessy

    Well, Dean & Barry – you did it again!
    Another useful tool especially for the
    disadvantaged & handicapped traditional
    Marketeers that are struggling.
    Your Buzz Content Hustler edition is great
    stuff – simple to grasp & implementation-ready.
    Will adopt some of these approaches to our new
    book release “Market Warfare: Leadership &
    Domination Over Competitors.”
    Expect your techniques to impact book sales – that
    means I owe you and Barry a pint of the best

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  • Sim,The Vertical Wind Turbine Man

    You have a great buzz content article here that anyone can get ideas from. The thing is that not just anyone can put it to good use. No matter what the buzz you have to be able to create the initial interest.

    I also like the format you used on your PDF, the only problem I see is the size of the download for the few pages of information, but that is what you get when you use pics to create an ebook.

    Good job guys, keep on hustling.

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  • Nathan Gilder

    Hey, thanks for the free report! :-) Great ideas and incredible presentation. Looking forward to what you’re up to

    Best wishes

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  • Kishore Dharmarajan

    Cool ebook, you guys have created.

    Kishore Dharmarajan

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  • Neil

    Excellent, thanks.

    (But WHAT’S pissed those bunnies off so bad…?)

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  • Adi Djohari

    Looking forward to read this FREE report soon!

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  • Wolfgang Sandt

    Hello Dean,hello Barry
    with our extreme snail mail internet connection in the otherwisely most beautiful italian countryside we are living it took me almost two days to download your confessions. But it was worth the effort. It helped me to canalize (hope this is correct english)a lot of ideas I already had vaguely in mind. Go on!
    Sincere greetings
    La Rogaia, Italy

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  • Andy Brown

    Some great ideas Dean – thanks!



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  • Joseph Ratliff

    Dean and Barry,

    Excellent stuff gentlemen.

    I love the “hustle” angle.

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