Comfort Zones are like Coffee


Have you ever wished you could do something that you are scared of doing? Ever wondered what you are capable of achieving if only that voice in your head didn’t keep talking you out of it?

Today I had coffee for the first time in a few months… it hit me hard, my head feels like it is spinning…

However, a few months ago I would regularly drink a few cups per day and not feel a thing.

This is just like your comfort zones: The more you do something, the more used to it and comfortable with it you will get.

Take public speaking for example, I used to have panic attacks and sleepless nights from the prospect of public speaking, but I did it anyway, and over time got more and more comfortable with it.

There are no short cuts, magic solutions etc… you just gotta do it!

“But Dean, I would really like a memorable, short, and snappy quote that I can write down and post on my Facebook page”

Well you are in luck my good man/lady/lady-man…

Grab your pad and pen, ipad and finger, quill and ink or whatever instrument of the alphabets you desire….

Here we go:

A comfort zone is like a muscle of the mind, the more you stretch and use it, the bigger it will become.

BAM! That is one of my quotes… my mum will be so proud.

here is another: “Money is where the fear is” – unknown source.

Double BAM!

So go forth with your new found quotes and wisdom, and embrace your mind muscles.


  • Paul McGregor

    Spot on Dean. I’ve been using your famous quote since last year and it works a treat!

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    • Dean Hunt

      Glad to hear it Paul. Speak soon buddy.

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