How to cope with modern business


This is a system I use to deal with overload, find the best opportunities, and get the most important stuff done.

Enjoy, and comment below for maximum karma.

  • Michael Corder


    GREAT Help. Thank you.

    If I may be so bold, I would like to suggest that some, especially those trying to get started (hello) may wish to follow your system backwards, although it would be harder to pronounce. – “esolc”?

    E – Eliminate: Eliminate the garbage offers, the junk emails, and the tings that are obviously of no value or substance.

    S – Once you have eliminated the “chaff” pick the likely candidates, and write down and organize the process you would need to follow to implement them.

    O – Match up your process steps with available ways to outsource them. Hopefully you will find an outsourcing resource for each step.

    L – Leverage. Pick the steps that will give you the greatest leverage/ROTI (Return on time invested) to do yourself, and outsource the rest.

    C – Cash in…

    PS: I love your new “look”. It’s obvious you’ve been working out.

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