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How is it that some people are able to become almost overnight success stories in their industry?

How come some people can reach a level of visibility in their niche that they are deemed “famous” and an “authority”?

And most importantly, how come many professionals, freelancers, coaches, authors and business owners work their ass off, do everything they are told they should do, buy products etc… yet can’t seem to break through an invisible wall or ceiling in terms of how many clients they get, how much they can charge, and their overall success?

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The above are the questions I have been dedicating my life to recently, my intrigue was ignited when in an interview last year, someone asked me how I had managed to become an industry leader, well known around the world, successful and extremely well connected in such a short space of time…

I didn’t know the answer… but I did know that I didn’t follow the normal path, nor did I follow the advice that most business owners believe.

In fact, I had accidentally created a new path and a new set of principles, and it seems, that for the most part, they were vastly more powerful than the norm.

A wise man once told me to “observe what the majority are doing, then do the opposite“, so I suppose it is therefore no surprise that most professionals and small business owners remain the best kept secret in their industry, and are unable to break through the invisible wall… whilst others seem to glide through it effortlessly.

So what is the solution?

Well, I have been working for a loooooong time and have identified 11 key myths that most professionals believe that are potentially killing their business.

I have been speaking to professionals from all over the globe, with the goal of digging even deeper into this mystery.

To get all of this information, and loads more, click the link below to reserve your place for an exclusive webinar online training this Thursday at 7pm EST.

FREE WEBINAR Reveals the Answers; Reserve Your Place NOW

Many thanks, and stay tuned.


  • Kendra

    Going the opposite route will get results, as long as you don’t ostracize. When you’re getting into totally unique territory, this could be a fine line.

    Well you’ve certainly done an excellent job walking that line Dean! Really looking forward to the report!

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  • Kirk VandenBerghe

    Everything that is status quo today was once fresh and new. But now it’s the same as everything else so our brains ignore it. We’re sorting incoming information inputs for what’s new and different. What we create for today’s info-overloaded and hyper-connected audiences must be REMARKable. I didn’t delete your email, Dean. I’m busy–in the midst of an essential project–but I read your blog post. Now I’m taking the time to comment. If you can codify some of the actual *essential* principles, and make them duplicable (not reliant on *being you*), I’ll be happy to give you more of my attention (and money if you produce something EXTRAordinary). ~~ Kirk out.

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  • David Kusumoto

    One of the things that immediately stands out about you (and I only stumbled across your name less than a week ago) — is what I call your penchant for “constructive bullying.” It is quite inspirational despite the fact that I’m usually immune to this sort of thing. There’s nothing new age or mystic about the way you write; in fact, your writing has the ring of common sense while simultaneously making me scratch my head, asking myself, “well, David, if it’s such common sense, why didn’t you think of it yourself?” I think it’s because I’m thinking too mainstream which is what I need to change during this global downturn. The other thing that is attractive is your use of blunt language combined with what feels like a sincere effort to help others without blatantly asking people to fork over cash. This tells me you are so confident about what you are doing that it will ultimately lead to people forking over compensation that is rightly yours not just in appreciation — but because of your work and ability to distill and break down seemingly complex ideas in plain English. Yes, of course, send me your report. Can’t wait. Best, David Kusumoto, San Diego, California, USA.

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  • Milos Vujnovic

    Sounds interesting. Please send me the report as well !

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  • Andrew d

    opposite huh?
    sounds like a terrible idea

    send me it, I’d hate to read it!

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  • Jay Gumbs

    “observe what the majority are doing, then do the opposite”

    Heard that a lot in the past week. Send me the report.

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  • Montana

    Hi Dean, its late but I had to come and see what you are up to when I got your email.The above sounds interesting I have read it quickly but will read again in morning. I would like the report love to know what your doing as you are my insperation,and you have been such a help to me,thank you again.It is very hard to make money online when your just starting But I know I will do it.I feel much safer doing things with you for some reason also you are in the UK( not far from me really) So goodnight I look forward to report Thank You. Montana

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  • Montana

    Google Angel.

    I believe there Must be a Google Angel and why not I ask of you?

    There Really are a lot of things a Google Angel, must find to do.

    I think the Google Angel brings out the best in most.

    Of these Guru Millionaires which one is best to Host.

    Is it Jonny? NO its Dean thanks for knowledge given Free.

    When first starting online business, first look makes you want to Flee.

    So many words and different things you wonder what to do.

    There’s so much information given out to you.

    But Hey IV Conquered Blogging, I’m good I think IV shown.

    My next step is to make some money and love it like my own.

    I too will be a Guru and give back what IV been taught.

    So I ask the Google Angel please Bless me
    like you aught.

    Be Lucky Montana

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  • Craig Dewe

    Well you’ve done it again Dean… a great post with over 104 comments and 2349 diggs. A great example of why people should be listening to you.

    I was actually rereading Purple Cow last night and realised that I’d finally hit what you and Seth are talking about when it comes to being REMARKable. Even if I didn’t consciously engineer it this way… it still works like a charm. I may be a slow learner but I get there…

    I’m keen to see this report and your further insights.


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  • egroeg

    !etisoppo gnihtyreve od

    hint: read this in the mirror

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  • Alasdair

    Hey Dean,

    Enjoy all your stuff man. Looking forward to the new report.



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  • Bill.D

    So hard work, a good mentor, great customer service, persistence and a little luck might not be necessary?

    Sign me up! ;-)

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  • aine

    The first duty of love is to listen. Paul Tillich

    I love to blog – so I will listen (read) the report.

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  • judyofthewoods

    I’m a great believer in selective difference. Add to the spice of life. Did you defeat the killer rabbit? I’ll read the report even if it doesn’t mention the rabbit.

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  • Douglas Halfpenny

    Dean, I’ve been reading and trying to catch up on your site and the forums since I joined on August 3.

    ******So much information, so little brain!******

    Thanks in advance for a peek at your report.

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  • William Lo

    That’s my question too..
    is it the ability to create buzz or?
    would love to read the report

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  • Mrinal Bose

    I’ve read all of your reports so far, and would like to read this one too. I appreciate what you say and write most of the time. Thanks.

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  • Renee

    Hello Dean:

    Today I got an idea that I hope to make into my first authority website. Of course I will want to stand out from the crowd as soon as possible. So I would appreciate receiving your new report.

    I also echo the request that Kirk made “If you can codify some of the actual *essential* principles, and make them duplicable (not reliant on *being you*)”

    Such a report would be a Godsend

    Thanks in advance,

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  • the WanderingSalsero

    Anything you do, Dean, is worth following. Lots of people make things work but you make things work with true ‘style’. I’d very much appreciate a copy of that report.

    Best regards,

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  • Virpi Tervonen


    The advice “observe what the majority are doing, then do the opposite“ used to sound very difficult one to follow.

    However, when one really starts to observe the crowd, you understand that majority never become overly successful and get what they are dreaming of or dreamt of. It’s much, much smaller part of the population that is a bit more persistent, a bit more committed and a bit more curious about things than the rest.

    Thus, “observe what the majority are doing, then do the opposite“ isn’t THAT difficult – simply check the Internet, magazines, your own network to find the most successful individuals in what you want to do and then model these people who have a track record of being good in what they do better than others.

    The more I observe rich and successful people the more it seems that mostly they do a lot of quite ordinary, quite fundamental things. What seems to be the difference is HOW they do it all.

    Really looking forward to your report, Dean!

    PS. Yeah, when you follow the crowd, what do you get… the droppings…

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  • andy

    Im looking to make a success of my new e-Commerce store. pls hit me with the report.


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  • Graham Hawarth

    Hey Dean,

    I’ve got a bad case of antireportitis (too many, mostly crap or regurgitated info).

    Then I got your email and thought Mmmm Dean Hunt – Killer Bunny guy – must be worth a read.

    So bring it on mate.

    One thing though. Make sure that the report will self destruct in 2 hours, if not read. So if we don’t use – we lose.

    In internet marketing it is not difficult to create yourself as an authority. By that I don’t mean the website, I mean the person.

    It sneaks up on you and you don’t realise until people start asking your opinion and advice.

    Worse case scenario is if you can read faster than the other guy and always be one page ahead in the manual, then you can be an authority figure ;-) )

    BTW – which university are you the Dean of?



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  • Arlene

    Hi Dean,

    Found you by chance from Bill Glazer’s site when I ordered his new book yesterday and thought I’d look you up. I am totally new to the world of internet marketing and at 53 finding it all a bit confusing!

    HOWEVER … I’ve been reading loads of late trying to get to grips just so we can re-vamp my husband’s website – and yes, get it up the Google ladder. I’m learning the importance of that!

    My husband’s an accountant and work comes mainly from solicitors … and have you seen their web-sites? Equally staid and boring! I’m sure that ‘professional’ can also mean different: maybe even amusing, interesting, something that gets people coming back. Would you go as far as ‘outrageous’?

    All confusing to a newcomer – but very exciting! If you think I qualify for a copy of your report I’d love to have one. Meanwhile I shall continue to read your blog. Many thanks!

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  • Allen

    You said “Perception = reality, especially online”
    If you want to be a one-hit-wonder. Otherwise, you better have something to back up that perception.

    From what I see, You Dean, give the perception of a very, very smart down to earth marketer, and you unlike many others, do back it up with smarts.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Yes and no.

    I mean, it goes without saying that you should have knowledge on your subject, however, there is an interesting catch22 at play here, and I go into detail on it in the report.

    Thanks for the kind words.


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  • luis

    Dont settle for “average”
    looking forward to more on this.

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  • Ashley

    Hi Dean,

    Love your style, am convinced that shaking things up and turning things on their head is def the way to go. Plus great content, of course. Looking forward to your report.


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  • David

    At the time of my typing 127 comments for this post. You have generated the buzz!

    I say, “to achieve success, act on your light bulb moments.”

    Dean,you are the Buzz Master.

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  • Miranda

    Dean, I’m really glad for another chance to be entitled to your opinion…

    Love your stuff!

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  • Pete

    Hi Dean,

    Knowing some of the company you keep (Andrew Lock, Jimmy Vee – The 5 ft. Marketing Guy, Travis Miller – The BIG Idea Guy, etc.)…I’m really looking forward to see what the new report says about “standing out from the crowd.”

    “You can observe a lot by just looking.” ~ Yogi Berra

    Thanks for all you do!

    Wishing you health and happiness,


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  • Sean Morrissy

    I think a major part of it is relationships. And more specifically, relationships with a few key people. I’ve seen people go from zero to hero just by getting to know a handful of people. Social proof is one of those things Cialdini talks about and I think it’s important here too.

    Looking forward to the report.


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  • Stephen Barclay


    Completely intrigued by your site, style of marketing and the upcoming report.

    You captured my attention and that is the key to starting any relationship…. I’m hungry for more.



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  • Tranque Fuller

    Ryan Deiss says you’re a genius …. hell yeah, I want your report! ;)

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  • I. C. London

    Sometimes I think the majority of the people are trying to sell soap for Amway to each other instead of addressing business opportunities in front of their nose.

    Let’s see how your report changes the world! Bring it on.

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  • Great Sculpture

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for your kind offer. Right now I see one of the cosiest ways of making it to be knowing people who know people who know people. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Great Sculpture

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  • Jump Start Jim

    “…what the majority are doing, then do the opposite”
    I thought was either from Joe Girard or Earl Nightingale. Dan Kennedy used it in one of his zillion courses, that’s where I heard it first.

    Thanks for the report.

    As always Dean, I appreciate the work you provide.

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  • Johan

    Will be interesting to see the “Flip” side. Some are fortunate to “create” and then controll the market…that is where the money is made…

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  • Simon

    Looking forward for your report, after following you for some time, I believe the value you offer : )

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  • Lea White

    Yes, I heard a similar quote from Paul Arden, another cool phrase I just recalled with your post is: “The definition of INSANITY, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a diferent result”, from Jean-Marie Dru in Beyond Disruption, great literature, that invisible wall you call, it’s part of this insanity.

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  • Michelle Crofts

    Can I get the report too please, if I’m not too late?


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  • Jezhug

    Haha love the Digg badge!

    If Michelle gets the report…. can I have it too.

    Pretty please ;)

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  • Olivia Scholz

    Sounds like a great report that I will surely want to read.

    Another vaulable quote that we like in my company is the one about being “reasonable”. It goes like this:

    “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” -George Bernard Shaw


    St. John & Myers

    PS: Oh, and please send report when finished!

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  • Anthony

    This report sounds wicked!

    I pay attention to everything you come up with, and this looks epic!

    Send me that report! :D

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  • Robin

    I’ve come to believe that entrepreneurs are a special breed that don’t give up and look at “failures” as “success in the making.” That definitely sets us in a smaller set of people. It’s a mindset that looks at everything from different perspectives rather than accepting defeat.

    For example, I now realize I have to completely redo my website with a different objective initially even though the long term may remain the same. Despite the long hours of work and my obcession with making it work, it has to change.

    It’s exciting that I dominate Google for the specific keywords “Employ The Unemployed,” and that visitors spent an average of almost 5 minutes on my site viewing an average of 4 pages, but I haven’t given them a clear enough action to take. The traffic that is coming is from various sources but is much too small, only 125 total.

    So we re-assess and move forward taking a different perspective on “Employ The Unemployed” perhaps focusing on tools for making money rather than focusing on the political issue. Or….? In any case, looking at the issue upside down, backward and obtusely should develop an “outrageous” approach that “surprises and delights” viewers into action.

    The same old call to action has to be changed. In other words, by doing things differently than what is expected by the market, we draw attention. Then, by supplying the market with surprising value, we open the store for loyal support and customers.

    James Collins and Jerry Porras coined the term “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal” (BHAG)in 1996 and more recently in the book “From Good to Great.” To be great and break through the invisible barrier, we need to be surprising and outrageous. Just like you’ve always said, Dean! Can’t wait to hear more from you about the myths.

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  • Mark Tapp

    Dean, I have often thought about this topic. One example that always sticks out to me is the immigrant who comes here seeking a dream, starts with nothing, and in short order has more than most of the people who have lived with the opportunities this country has to offer all their lives. One of the comments mentioned perceptions. I think not only the perceptions of others are important, but equally important are ones own perceptions of what one is capable of. Robert Schuller asked the question “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” I wonder if similar results don’t come from the mindset “what would you do if you had nothing to lose?”

    I’d love to see your report. Thanks for the insight.

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  • Kanon

    It’s this article that pulled me into you Web. Now you have to give me that report for FREE! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase.

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  • Ian Brodie

    Hey Dean, do I have to make a sensible or witty comment to get a free copy? Or just any old comment?

    I’m all out of sense & with at the mo’


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  • Tom

    Hi Dean,
    I just signed up for your email alerts, and I read your first email today. It was quite insightful and very funny. Many thanks for both enriching my knowledge about buzz marketing and for giving me a good laugh.
    Regarding your real case study whereby a friend of yours challenged you to get a random article on Digg’s first page, kudos to you for accomplishing a seamingly daunting task!
    I just went to Digg today (the second time that I have ever gone to this website) and saw a first page article entitled, “Digg Starts Nofollowing-ing Links That It Doesn’t Trust.”
    Does this mean that if one did manage to get an article to the first page of Digg with the methods that you have talked about that this person wouldn’t be able to use the backlinks from Digg to improve page rank, etc. in the search engines eyes?
    I realize that one has to keep providing great content with their website or blog as you discussed in order to keep people visiting, but if one did make it to Digg’s first page, if one can’t use the backlinks from Digg, then can he or she expect to continue to get a lot of traffic? And how does Digg decide who it trusts and doesn’t trust? My apologies if you have already addessed this with your community.


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  • Eric

    Hi Dean,

    Being controversial, unique, and taking the “other” path is all well and good… but how do you determine what that other path is? (without getting so far away that you lose your customer base?)

    Looking forward to reading your report and taking action!


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  • James Mangosteen Dean

    Love to read your report.

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