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How is it that some people are able to become almost overnight success stories in their industry?

How come some people can reach a level of visibility in their niche that they are deemed “famous” and an “authority”?

And most importantly, how come many professionals, freelancers, coaches, authors and business owners work their ass off, do everything they are told they should do, buy products etc… yet can’t seem to break through an invisible wall or ceiling in terms of how many clients they get, how much they can charge, and their overall success?

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The above are the questions I have been dedicating my life to recently, my intrigue was ignited when in an interview last year, someone asked me how I had managed to become an industry leader, well known around the world, successful and extremely well connected in such a short space of time…

I didn’t know the answer… but I did know that I didn’t follow the normal path, nor did I follow the advice that most business owners believe.

In fact, I had accidentally created a new path and a new set of principles, and it seems, that for the most part, they were vastly more powerful than the norm.

A wise man once told me to “observe what the majority are doing, then do the opposite“, so I suppose it is therefore no surprise that most professionals and small business owners remain the best kept secret in their industry, and are unable to break through the invisible wall… whilst others seem to glide through it effortlessly.

So what is the solution?

Well, I have been working for a loooooong time and have identified 11 key myths that most professionals believe that are potentially killing their business.

I have been speaking to professionals from all over the globe, with the goal of digging even deeper into this mystery.

To get all of this information, and loads more, click the link below to reserve your place for an exclusive webinar online training this Thursday at 7pm EST.

FREE WEBINAR Reveals the Answers; Reserve Your Place NOW

Many thanks, and stay tuned.


  • Shaune Clarke

    Hey Dean — I first heard your name from Matt Wadsworth who I met after speaking at World Internet Summit in London a couple years ago.

    Ah yes — The potency of being different. I first learned this by mistake when I started in Internet Marketing.

    I had taken a full year to study and “get set” but when I hired a copywriter — the copy didn’t work.

    I was so vested in making the project work that I decided to “do it my way” and write copy that wasn’t so hypey. To use elements like resonance and connection and empathy and… BAM!

    Not only did clients want “Shaune Copy” but trained copywriters started asking me to coach them.

    There’s several reasons why me success escalted so quickly — I call it “The Nine Elements of Dynamic Positioning” — but for sure “being strategically different” was a HUGE one.

    You’re one of the rare one’s Dean — LOVE to see your report mate!

    Copywriting Coach

    – Shaune

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  • John Morgan

    I LOVE DEAN HUNT…seriously.

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  • Dean Hunt

    This is all going to be revealed on Thursday, FINALLY!! ;-)

    See you there mate?

    Dean Hunt

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  • John Morgan

    I’m planning to! Depends on what time my son decides he wants dinner :)

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  • Shane

    Reserved my spot. Really looking forward to this webinar. :) Thanks for taking the time to do this.
    .-= Shane´s last blog ..Wealthy Affiliate Review =-.

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  • Admin Assistant Services

    I’m intrigued too. I really would like to get more clients and of course more profits for my business. This webinar called my attention.

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  • 52tube

    So hard work, a good mentor, great customer service, persistence and a little luck might not be necessary?

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