Chicken Shit Bingo


Some ideas are so wacky, edgy and crazy that you can’t help but be secretly impressed…

One such idea was discussed last night over a beer or ten… it goes by the name of Chicken Shit Bingo, and it is generating a lot of buzz at a pub in Austin Texas.

As the name suggests, a chicken is placed in a large cage with numbers on the floor, and the numbers are called if the chicken craps on them. It is not the most politically correct idea I have ever heard, but it is creating buzz, and that has to be a good thing.

For an idea so crazy, I simply have to show you some proof:

  • Sterling

    This is what happens when people don’t have Broadband access to the internet…

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  • Dean Hunt


    I am gonna check it out later in the year ;-)

    Don’t judge me!


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  • AnnMarie Cunniff

    So when the bingo halls are overcrowded alert Stephen because he is a bingo whiz…or resort to this.

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  • Renegade Conservatory Guy

    Sounds like you’re learning some really great stuff in the US Dean. Have a beer for me (and don’t forget to tip).

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  • David Maleney

    Oddly enough, I went to a Bingo hall once and it smelt of chicken shit.

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  • Melvin

    haha.. wtf!!i guess this is really the consequences… ;-)

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  • Amy Authbert


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  • Thomas Gray

    lol Dean.

    That was a little bit ridiculous…

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