Can You Make Money With Twitter?


Can you make money with Twitter?

I give my answer below:

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  • Nanci

    Great explanation.
    Please don’t kill me. I do exist.
    And I like bunnies, as long as they don’t make me soil my armor.

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  • Matthew

    No, I don’t think you can…

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  • Dean Hunt

    hehe, hi Matt.

    Nanci, glad to hear you like the bunnies.

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  • Jezhug

    Good solid advice Dean.

    It’s not worth chasing the quick bucks on twitter. You will find most of your followers that don’t unfollow you will be trying to directly sell you something!

    That being said, if you want whiter teeth you should check out…. just kidding ;)

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  • Tammy

    I did some twitter experiments. I built up one name with a buncha randoms, just followed anyone that would follow back, etc, and that account is essentially useless and i get spammed regularly. But I built up my main account ( more slowly and carefully, and now when i tweet something relevant it gets a response. Slow and steady wins the race i guess. Thanks dean for your insights.

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  • Ray

    Hi Dean, I have afew thousand followers on Twitter and have tried various ways of monetizing it, none of which have been successful. Bill Crosby has got a lot to answer for.
    I know how you like to create a buzz so why not get my uncle to do something for you?

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  • Dean Hunt


    Look for opportunities, not profits.

    Sure thing, that would be awesome. Can you make the introduction? would love to interview him.

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  • http://noneyet Robbert

    Hey Dean,

    Where did you get that little pop window, at the bottom of the page, that shows up on your homepage?


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  • Auctionwally

    Spot on Dean, I’ve found that Twitter like any other social network, Online or off, is all about opportunity.

    Why I think Twitter is so popular, or a form of opportunity on steroids if you will, is because it’s uber easy to find people, topics, and opportunities your niche.

    Because you get only 140 characters at a time to interact, it can be an efficient way of screening for value.

    And of course, it’s easy to unfollow anyone whom you fell provides no value.

    My Twitter watermark is: Be funny, be clever, be useful or be gone.

    Thanks for a cool post, I look forward to more.

    My twitter ID is Auctionwally

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  • someone not in pr

    There are PR professionals who will cringe at hearing you say that twitter is just another channel and god forbid that it should make money. LOL. You get it, they don’t.

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  • Agent 001

    Nice tips. Thanks. Creating Opportunity with Twitter is a Good Idea.

    I have learned quite a thing with Twitter. Once I discussed SEO on it. Gave me Idea for a Post. And I talk with you sometime though just brief.

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  • Millionaire Acts

    My answer to this question is YES. I’ve seen some people make money on twitter. You should have thousands of followers though for you to make some money on twitter.

    You can make money by using affiliate marketing. You sell products to your followers, camouflaged as your shout outs, and then if your follower gets interested in it, then you will have a sale. Every sale entitles you for a commission.

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