Buzz Marketing Stats


Yesterday I did a live buzz marketing case study and if you can excuse the spoiler….. it was a fantastic global success!

The things to remember here are:

1) It is 100% free promotion

2) It was live, so if it was a failure then I would have looked like a bit of a prat. I put my balls and reputation firmly on the line, so thank god it went to plan.

I promised to share all the gory details, and I am going to be doing a full summary with all the stats and details in the next 48 hours. But I just wanted to share something with you that I think you will find impressive:

buzz stats

The blog in question was getting 179 readers per day. I took this image last night, and the final results were nearer to 46,000, but you get the picture.

George Bush certainly seems impressed. Are you? 

  • Korey King

    You’ve got my attention Dean.
    Hold the hex, I subbed.

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  • Chris

    Dean – the results are impressive and definatley display why we need to pay attention to buzz marketing and social marketing.

    I do have one question and fact to point out – this live case study is not 100% pure as you did send out to your mailing list the link to the article and commented on how you are trying to get some buzz. I am sure that your loyal fans (myself included) helped you out by digging the article or submitting it to Stumble or someother social network.

    I have no doubt that the article still would have been a success and generated some buzz but do you think it would have been this good without sending the letter to your subscribers and just posted the article on the blog and let it generate its own buzz?

    still either way the results are impressive

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  • Dean Hunt

    Chris, fair point!

    When I first started the live buzz campaign I wasn’t overly bothered whether it got on the main page or not. Sure, it would have been nice, but it can also be a lottery at times.

    To date the Digg article has almost 900 diggs, I sent the email to just my core newsletter readers, so off the top of my head it is around 100 core people. Of which, less than half opened, plus, there were broken links, so my guess is that YES, it helped, but marginally.

    Some really powerful digg users voted for it, and imo that meant that this was hitting the homepage with or without that email.

    But yes, your point is valid, and I will ensure I mention that in any summary to make sure people are aware.


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