Buzz Marketing In Action – a Live Example


I am often asked to show live, as they happen examples of my buzz marketing in action, and I think it is a really cool idea.

The problem with 99.99% of the marketing and make money online sites is that they show you stuff after the event. This is bad for two reasons:

1) They can just show you the good stuff

2) They can invent a whole load of stuff

So the vast majority of people don’t like doing it live. But I am not the vast majority, so today I am going to show you some of my work, and I will be doing it live. (those on my email list will have been notified of this last night)

The Backstory

Yesterday I was asked to write a self improvement article for a blog I help out at, and I would like to show you the final result of 6 minutes of my time:

My Buzz Article in Action at Digg

The article was discovered and submitted yesterday evening to, and I have been tracking the progress so I can show you guys.

The Content

What I did here was play on the fact that there is so much self improvement info on blogs these days. Everyone seems to be a closet Dalai Lama, and I wanted to play on this frustration. Also, I wanted to put a spin on the info and make it stand out.

So my tips were all converted to negative info, and instead of the usual nonsense like “this will change your life”, I called it “Self Improvement Advice from the Devil.”

I am aware that this title may offend a few people, but it will attract a whole lot more.

Current Progress

I am going to put some screenshots up later. But currently the article is doing well on Digg, it is in the top 3 upcoming articles on the entire site, and if it gets 10-15 more diggs in the next few hours, I believe it may well get to the main page. In which case this case study will become an epic, and I will of course share all the stats and info along the way.


Someone also posted it to, you can see it here: Stumbleupon submission. It has had a couple of thousand visitors from there as well, and continues to do well on that site.


This really shows how viral and buzz work. It gets put in one site, and someone spreads it to another… and so on, and so on…. here you can see it at Mixx – Mixx Article


If I was a betting man I would predict that this article will just fall short at, but it certainly is close. But most importantly, you need to focus on the way I gave a new angle to a tired concept (self improvement) and really made both the headline and the story stand out from the crowd.

The Next Chapter

Where this goes will depend on whether or not it hits the Digg homepage. But in either case, I have been taking some screenshots of the stats etc… so I am sure there will be some interesting things to show you.

  • Craig Killick

    Nice work Dean. Great case study. So, did you know Digger or was that luck?

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  • Dean Hunt


    It was the first time a top user had submitted something of mine, so it was pretty cool.

    That said, other than the first 14 votes, I didn’t notice much difference.


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  • Jim Hinckley

    I have about forty people a day who says this blog doesn’t suck. Would you agree?

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  • Dean Hunt


    You need to sort out the formatting of your blog text.


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  • andrew goulding

    Great stuff, Dean. Throw the net wide via comedic ploys and trawl ‘em in. Mind you, what I’m looking forward to is the launch of your seaside celebrity Fish’n'Chips restaurant, when you really rake in the cash.


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