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Good afternoon everyone,

This is just a quick update….

I am going to be away for most of the weekend, so the next update probably won’t be until early next week.

Anyway, I know I keep saying this, but I am going to say it one last time, THANK YOU for all your kind e-mails and comments.

I was even contacted by a lawyer who offered his services for free, his advice has been similar to previous advice I have received, so it seems I have been doing the right thing thus far.

Amazingly I received a spam e-mail in my inbox yesterday which in my opinion is even more shocking and amusing that the previous ones I received. So I may post that e-mail on here as well in the near future.

On a more serious note I have received numerous e-mails and comments from people who have received very similar e-mail threats to the ones I had last week. So it appears that this may not be just one crazy guy, it could be becoming an actual dark SEO technique to bully the smaller and less experienced web site / blog owners.

A lot of the people who read my blog are webmasters, SEO experts, developers etc…. so to us the bizarre google request e-mail was clearly an absurd request, but how many less experienced webmasters out there would have been genuinely concerned by such a threat?

I have heard of cases where webmasters are blackmailed for large sums of cash with the threat of Dos attacks etc, but in general such threats are only done to large and wealthy corporations, whereas the e-mails I received were very much aimed at the small business owner, the young blogger, the newbie webmaster etc. This in my opinion is very worrying!

WebProNews have actually done an article about my experience, and they raise the same question that I am raising now: “Has this ever happened to you?

So if you have had similar threats then please use the comments feature below, or use the contact page (top right of this page).

Thanks for all your support.


  • Gav

    Have you thought about flipping this on its head and reporting the guy to Google to see what they say?

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  • Mike

    It doesn’t make sense that a black hat SEO would ask you to do something that is not possible (i.e. remove your site for a specific keyword).

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  • http://chrisdzombak.net Chris

    Might you consider posting the entire text of his e-mail? (Probably not his company, but at least show us what this keyword is.)


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  • http://ryanduff.net Ryan

    Seriously, is this guy related to Ted Stevens or something? I’m sure he thinks the intra webs are just “a series of tubes.”

    I’ve been a webmaster for various sites and have seen similar complaints like this come in. Often times, Google’s algorithm can change your position from week to week, so chances are, he’ll be back in the #1 spot again.

    If he can’t figure out SEO, maybe he should hire someone to do it for him. After all, he is a business, and that is a business expense.

    On the note of he’s a business and you’re a blog, he apparently doesn’t know that businesses don’t make Google money because they’re listed. AdSense makes Google money. I know plenty of blogs that make more money for Google than businesses that are just indexed.

    Seriously, what a n00b.

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