Are You Building a Business on Quicksand?


Are you building a business on quicksand?

This quick video explains more….

  • Dean Hunt

    Leave your comments below…

    PS: yes, I know, I need a shave ;-)

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  • Tom – marketing tips

    Good video, thanks for sharing.I would like to add that having your blog is essential for building the brand but it is nothing wrong with using other sites (social sites, adsense revenue sharing…) to build links back to your blog and make a few bucks of additional income.Your own blog should be #1 priority because it will not go away, like these other sites can at any time.
    .-= Tom – marketing tips ´s last blog ..Using Trafficswarm Traffic Exchange =-.

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  • John Morgan

    Quick and to the point, yet the message is extremely important. If only more entrepreneurs understood this!

    Great post and there’s nothing wrong with the “I need to shave” look. I’ve mastered it for years.

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  • Dean Hunt


    Absolutely… at the end of the day you need a hub… I think of it like a spider’s body, and the legs are different links/traffic sources going back to it…

    A blog is the best type of hub imo, but others can work too.


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  • Airhammer

    So true, you can make quick bucks with Web2.0 but it’s no business.


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  • Andrew


    If YOU are the business or brand. How do you sell the business? Little to no longevity. If you’re wanting funding etc. VC’s look at the business, not you. If you up sticks, the business folds.

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  • Andrew@BloggingGuide

    Yes, it is like a spider’s body! The internet is its web. And I truly believe in building your personal brand online as well as your credibility.
    .-= Andrew@BloggingGuide´s last blog ..Blogging Guide: Increase Your Traffic and Google Crawl Rate =-.

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  • AirHammer Music

    Great Video, it’s always a stuggle to know if you should focus where the money is or where your passion is.

    I guess you should always brand your passion.

    I think I’m rambling ;-)


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  • http://T.4.R J-Create

    Hey Dean! its Me J-Create! You Might Remember Me From A While Back or Maybe not. But My Question To You Is… In This Video You Said Something About Building A Personal Brand… Im Confused By That…. Doesn’t Your Personal Brand Have To Become A Business Or Some Sort…. I Thought Your Brand Is Nothing Without Some From Of Business Behind It… Or Maybe I’m Wrong, IDK.. lol! Can You Help Me Out?


    J-Create McCain ~ 4 ~

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  • Dean Hunt

    J-Create, you use your personal brand to build a REAL business. A personal brand is only valuable if you leverage it.

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  • Andrew C Abraham

    Hi Dean,

    Your video resonated with me. Investing in your personal brand takes so much time, that occasionally I’ll fall back into thinking “is this all worth it”. Watching your video just affirmed the importance so thank-you.

    p.s. A tip: It’s difficult to hear the audio in a noisy environment (my office) so try a different mic or speak louder…
    .-= Andrew C Abraham´s last blog ..Video CV: Would You Use One? =-.

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  • Dean Hunt


    I normally use a headset mic, will use it in future.

    Glad you enjoyed the vid.


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  • Sally Neill

    Hey Dean,

    Nice video, hope your around for a long time I enjoy reading your blog posts, Sally :)
    .-= Sally Neill´s last blog ..Setting YOUR Course For Success =-.

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  • d3so

    Yes, I agree! I’ve taken personal branding seriously after reading “Crush It!”
    You can’t rely on everyone or even products because they’ll disappear eventually. All you’ll be left with is yourself and what have you done to build yourself up?
    Personal branding is the way to go.
    .-= d3so´s last blog ..Supposed New iPhone 4G � Leaked by Gizmodo =-.

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  • james (AKA tank)

    hey dean,

    must say you’ve come a long way from bookiebusters!
    im impressed with the vid, may i say also congratulate you in becoming an uncle!

    wel i am also begining to start my own site up, hopefully creating a new market of gambling… (suprise suprise)

    after years of studying, creating betting systems and having general relative success iv decided to finaly go that finl step an in essence join the ‘dark’ side (become a bookie!).

    Would love to jog your memory about bookie busters an how u felt it went, what u learnt at the time etc


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  • Christopher Ross

    Thanks Dean, it would be nice if more people understood this. I appreciate your videos btw, they’re always quick and informative.
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