Break – What Break?


Here is a summary of my past three weeks:

Sold my network of web sites: Realised that this would be a great chance to take a small break and do something new for 4-5 weeks.

Two days later: Started doing some SEO freelance work. No chance of taking a break now.

12 days later: Came up with the dragons den online idea. Mentioned it on a forum and spent the next 5 days answering e-mails and writing posts.

One week later: Was offered xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and have spent the past two days working on that.

Basically this means that a) I haven’t had my break. b) I am not likely to get a break. c) I am not likely to finish my webmasters 101 self training course in the coming weeks.

For those of you who don’t know me well you are probably thinking that I am very erratic, and that I jump from one project to the next from day to day. You would be correct, but it is just the way I am and it has served me well thus far.

Anyway, I apologise for those of you waiting for the e-book or the webmasters course. I will try and get them done, but right now I am very busy on xxxxxxxxxxxx.

I can’t say what xxxxxxxxxxxx is because it hasn’t been paid for and confirmed yet, but I will let you know as soon as I can.