Better than SEroundtable JohnChow and CopyBlogger?


For many years webmasters have been judging the strength of their websites on a pesky little thing called Google Pagerank.

This little green goblin has been the focus of numerous webmasters, and many see it as the single most important aspect of a website.

We already know that is a pr5 website. Not bad! Especially since i don’t do link trades. But how does this compare to three of the most powerful blogs in the industry?

I am sure you are familiar with these three sites, they are three of the biggest and most powerful blogs/sites in the industry. So make your predictions… pr7, pr8?


SEroundtable  =  pr4   =  pr4 = pr4

So there we are… it is official… is bigger and more powerful than these three mega sites!

Well, not quite!

The fact of the matter is that no serious webmaster has placed much value on pagerank, and the above three sites have been hit heavily with a recent Google smack that seems to be targeting sites that sell text links. Ouch!!!

So if you have a website with pr5 or higher, congratulations, you are higher than the biggest sites in the industry.

Enjoy it while it lasts.


  • Freelancing Tips

    Heh! Isn’t this true! I try not to pay too much attention to page rank, and instead try to build content so that I attract search engine rankings, because that’s how people find info on the net, by searching. I know PR is important especially if you want to sell advertising or links, but that’s pinning your success on the whims of the page rank algorithm, and I don’t think I like that.

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  • Kidblogger :: Carl Ocab

    I got hit by the update too. But anyway, it’s useless now. It became very irrelevant and even if they give me a 6 or 7, It’s useless because I won’t sell links that pass pagerank anymore.

    By the way, Copyblogger’s PR went up 7.

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  • Internet Marketing Blueprints

    Yeah, who would have guess my humble little PR0 website got a boost from BIG G recently. I woke up and found my site to be PR3. Damn.

    Guess i’m only 1 rank away from the big guns! LOL

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  • Dean Hunt


    Yes, I have been telling people that the new results are likely to not be permanent. Interesting to see they are changing already.

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  • Internet Marketing Blueprints

    If Big G is penalizing sites that sell links then what about sites like for example.

    Apparently, he sold links and he is sitting on a PageRank 5.

    Go figure. 8)

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  • Freelancing Tips


    I too am wondering about the permanency. I know some of the big guys went down and then back up again, but I wonder if those sites that got an initial boost up will come back down. All my websites/blogs went up, even though the only backlinks I have are through commenting on blogs I enjoy and on forums, and that’s not much.
    My freelancingtips blog which is so new it’s still in bubblewrap went from gray to 0, and my other websites went up to 2 and even 3. Even some parked domains that I have went from gray to 0. Curious to see what happens!

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  • Dean Hunt

    IMB – The fact that every single website on the net hasn’t been hit by this tells us two things:

    1) Google isn’t and never will be perfect, so it is quite niave of you to discount something on that point.

    2) This is most likely just a test or tweak of some new algo. I fully expect a proper update soon though.

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