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What is the Best Twitter Application?
There are tons of killer Twitter apps out there, but which is the best? Vote below for your favourites, and hit refresh to see the list update
Ranked 1: TwitPic
Twitter doesn't have to be just text! Share your favorite pictures on Twitter. This would be a good way to introduce your new product to your network of followers. Link: Twitpic
Ranked 2: Bubble Tweet
This cool application lets you post a short video message that pops up on your Twitter profile in a bubble shaped player. You can personally introduce yourself and/or your business to anyone who visits your profile. Very neat way to promote yourself! Link: BubbleTweet
Ranked 3: Twitter Counter
Proudly display the number of Twitter followers on your business blog or website. Add the badge to your site and invite customers to follow you on Twitter. Be a twitter star! Link: Twitter Counter
Ranked 4: Tweepler
This will simplify the way you manage your Twitter followers. Tweepler enables you to easily sort through new followers and accept them or ignore them on one simple screen. They have made accepting followers easier by giving the Tweepler user the followers stats and last 3 tweets in one screen view. This will save you time by eliminating the need to visit each individual follower’s profiles. Link: Tweepler
Ranked 5: Track This
Expecting an important delivery? This app enables tracking of any UPS, USPS, FedEx or DHL shipment. Updates are sent to your Twitter account direct messages whenever your package changes location. If you do a lot of shipping this is something you should tell your customers about! Link: Track This
Ranked 6: Twit This
Allow visitors to your blog or website to easily post Twitter messages about you or your business. Post the TwitThis button to your website or blog pages with the instructions and coding provided on their site. Great way to get some real-time testimonials. Link: Twit This
Ranked 7: TwitterFox
If you're addicted to firefox you'll love this. You can post Twitter updates without visiting the Twitter site each time. A small icon is added to the bottom of your Firefox status bar. The icon opens to reveal your friend’s most current updates. You can add your updates from that dialog box, even for multiple Twitter accounts. Link: TwitterFox
Ranked 8: Tweetburner
Link tracking is incredibly important, and this site is designed to help you track your tweets. With Tweetburner you can shorten URLs and track the clicks your tweets accumulate. Link: Tweetburner
Ranked 9: Tweetbeep
This is just like Google Alerts. Tweetbeep tracks Twitter conversations that mention you, your business or your products and services. Alerts are sent to you via email. You may want to consider being very specific about what you ask for, and put things in quotations ;-) Link: Tweetbeep
Ranked 10: HelloTxt
Update your status to several social networking sites in one simple step. You can choose from over 35 social sites to post to including Twitter. Link: HelloTxt
Ranked 11: Group Tweet
Goodbye IM hello twitter. This app enables all employees within your company to post updates which can be privately viewed only by your group of approved members. Link: Group Tweet
Ranked 12: twtQpon
Create exclusive coupons for your business services or products and share them with your Twitter followers. Great way to generate sales! Link: twtQpon
Ranked 13: Twitxr
For the truly mobile person, post product pictures and updates from your cell phone directly to Twitter. Link: Twitxr
Ranked 14: Twitter Safe
This free service protects your years of hard work building your community of followers. This one click backup will restore your network of followers in the event that your list is compromised. Link: Twitter Safe
Ranked 15: StockTwits
In this market you'd better keep a close eye on your investments! Follow and join into conversations with traders and investors. An active community of investors are sharing their views on current market conditions and recent news happenings. You can quickly see what others are saying about investments in your portfolio. Link: Stock Twits
Ranked 16: Twitter Gallery
A collection of free background themes for your Twitter account. You can use the 'one click installation' or manually install them yourself. There's a lot of nice designs and colors to choose from :-). Link: Twitter Gallery
Ranked 17: Future Tweets
Do you have something to promote on Twitter tomorrow but are afraid of forgetting to do it? With FutureTweets, you can schedule your tweet ahead of time for a specific date and time. Even schedule recurring tweets to post daily, monthly, even yearly. Link: Future Tweets
Ranked 18: Twitoria
How many friends are you really following? Twitoria finds your friends that haven't tweeted in a long time so you can give them the boot! Link: Twitoria
Ranked 19: Monitter
Get a live streaming view at what Twitter users in your location are saying about you or your small business. Just insert keywords you would like to search for, and the area you would liked monitored. Link: Monitter
Ranked 20: Twitter Toolbar
You can use the toolbar to access online Twitter tools, check your Twitter stats, post your updates and more. Versions are available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Link: Twitter Toolbar
  • Dean Hunt

    Which apps have we missed off the list?

    Vote for your favourites, vote down any you don’t like, and use the comments to recommend any additions to the list.

    This wordpress plugin was custom made from scratch by us, so if you would like to enquire about having it on your site. Email me at:

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  • tammy

    Looks great dean!
    I voted for my favorites :)

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  • imma

    Not sure if this counts but I use friendfeed to manage my twitter so i can automatically post stuff i favourite in youtube, etc, although it’s a bit obscure how it says things occasionally
    It also means i have a sort of backup of both :-)

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  • Leslie

    twhirl – it handles multiple accounts

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  • Nishadha

    I was gonna say TweetDeck , but I guess that is a twitter client not a twitter application , maybe you should have a vote for best twitter clients as well , I would like to check out other twitter clients.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Nishadha – We will be doing a “Best Twitter Clients” vote shortly. Stay tuned ;-)

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  • Ernesto Verdugo

    Cool Plug In Dean

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  • Teresa

    Awesome plug in, I want it so bad. I am going to spread the word on this. Soooooo Cool.

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  • Normal Joe

    I really like twittersafe and twittercounter, haven’t used the others much.

    I’m waiting for the twitter client one man! This plugin is dopeness dude!

    I may have to pull some ninja moves to get my paws on it.

    keep it coming.

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  • Jason Anderson

    Pronominal list Dean!! Great Idea for votes too.

    There are so many tools related to Twitter to wrap your mind around out there.

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  • Ghada

    nice topic
    thank you Dean … I love all your posts and tips
    I think you missed I love this app very much
    waiting for your post about twitter clients


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  • Bounama Diallo

    Hey Dean
    Great nuggets to pick from.
    We never get enough of new
    tips & tricks to make things

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  • Dare

    Damn man so much ideas for this not just for lists of sites but for LIST OF TIPS, LIST OF TOP RANKED WEBSITES and so much more.

    Here’s some suggestions to make it better:
    Add a text to indicate to first-time visitor what the arrows mean without having to repeat the instructions on what to do and what those arrows mean. Something like call to action: vote! under the two buttons.

    Then it would also be good to make the hover-up more obvious (something like a background change would be great enhancer.)

    The thing is this can be implemented in various way and I love this…can’t wait to get it into my blogs =)

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  • Kirk VandenBerghe

    Cool, tool. I would have place both and as my top votes if they were on the list.

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  • Dean Hunt

    Tweetdeck is not an app, it is a client.

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  • phil

    that´s well-ace mate!!!!!

    Only a dude from Manchester could come up with sumthin that awesome – what do I do to get hold of that then?

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  • Joe Robertson

    Dean, Great list! thx, joe

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  • Marco Kotrotsos

    Hi, great list. I am missing Twiplist though ( or any other Twitter user directory.

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  • James Tay

    cool I’d recommend adding / nominate Television Spy (

    I don’t know why but it’s so fascinating to just stare at that data every now and then clicking the more button to see what people are up to watching. lol I feel like a voyeur perv.

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  • Robert Rowe

    Hello all,

    what about Tweet Later -> It will boost your activity very quickly…

    Out of the ones you mentioned I do like Twit Pic!

    Thanks to you, Dean

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  • Agent 001

    You missed
    1. Tweet Deck.
    2. Twitter Counter.

    Nice voting system. I want it on my blog too. I will contact you soon.

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  • Carl Ocab

    This is cool dean :-)

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  • Marya Miller

    Where’s I love Simple – but instant success, and I like having the button on my browser.

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  • 52tube

    Nishadha – We will be doing a “Best Twitter Clients” vote shortly. Stay tuned ;-)

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  • arsizvideo

    Where’s I love Simple – but instant success, and I like having the button on my browser.

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