Back To Work


The World Cup is now over and we can no longer say things like “I have a lot of work to do, but I will complete it once the world cup is finished”

So it is back to work for me. This morning I spent a few hours removing all World cup related info and links from my main site and updating it with new information. I also have some exciting news regarding a new project ( I will explain in my next post ).

But now it is time to go from 1st gear back to fifth gear. I am also in the process of having a house built in Madrid. The house should be ready to move into in December and we are now at the stage of meeting with banks, kitchen fitters, electricians etc…. It is a bit stressful but we are getting there. (I will post some pics of the house soon)

I have also been watching and playing quite a bit of poker over the past few weeks. Yesterday I came 3rd out of 30 people in a comp and now have free entry to a much larger competition. If anyone who reads this fancies a game then let me know.

p.s I hope some of you followed my tip of France to win the World Cup at 16/1?