Back To Reality With a Bang


I have had family over to visit me and Elena in Madrid recently, we had a great time, but clearly the gods of marketing and business wanted to bring me back to reality with a bang…

This morning I received an email from a lady who subscribed to my email updates on April 9th, she then received two emails from me as a welcome, and she freaked out and tried to call the cops.

Here is email one, in response to whether she would like to get updates from the other blogs I write for:

(NAME) here,
I’m interested if it doesn’t cost me a penny! About your blog posts and articles.
but if it costs me even a penny, i wont be taken. also, how do you know my name?
Email me back w/ an answer please. i would like to know.

Have a nice day,


p.s. if it doesn’t cost me anything, i’m interested in the blog post and the articles.

Ok, so nothing dramatically wrong with this one, clearly it seems she has a penny that she just doesn’t want to let go of, but there is nothing wrong with that. But then she also asks “how i know her name?”. The same name that she put in my opt-in box only a few days ago.

Anyway, a few minutes later I get another email, this time more aggressive:

WHO ARE YOU??????? Why do you want to know were i live, and stuff?
please give me an honest answer or i’m calling the cops!!!!
+, how do you know my name? honest answer, or the cops are on you!


All in all, this is reason 146 of why I love the Internet – no matter how much information is out there, no matter how many thousands of times we see something, there will always be people who are doing it for the first time.

Don’t worry (NAME), my updates are free, thanks for the email, and remember: there is no expert on the planet that wasn’t a newbie at some point.

  • boostranks

    Very clever, how did you hack into my website? Now when I go to my reader, I see your posts. I’ve sent a complaint to the fbi, I’ve notified, and
    I’ve told your mom.

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  • (Name)

    You’re doing it again – please leave me alone. And stop telling the world. Please do not make me subscribe to your RSS feed anymore!!!!

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  • Dean Hunt

    Boostranks – ;-) haha, very good. My mom will kill me!

    (Name) – Hi Matt… I can see your email in my cpanel, but nice try buddy ;-)


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  • Josip Barbaric

    I’ve had a similar experience recently:(
    After a few moments of freaking out, I started to laugh at the silliness of the situation:-)

    (NAME), please don’t subscribe to my stuff!!
    I don’t want no trouble:-)

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  • http://www, Thomas Gray

    Ahh I do so love people like this. I get them all the time on the live support for the company I work for.

    I can’t help but feel sorry for them and their noobish-ness.

    Glad to hear your family meetup went ok, I wish mine all went so smoothly!


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  • David Maleney

    Yeah…I had something similar today from someone I know! And he had the cheek to criticise my creativity.

    I’ve called the Keystone Cops on you and him.
    So there ;-)

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  • Michael

    Err… I’m calling the cops, why are you in my browser?

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  • Tim

    that’s a good one Dean… Me thinks maybe she ate some killer bunny carrots and is delusional… I had an opt-in with a phone number required some time back… Now that was a tough one and no one likes telemarketers, myself included.

    But I wasn’t expecting a HIGH DECIBEL air horn to go off in my ear when I called… I was the one who felt like calling the cops.

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