The 5 Most Awkward Interviews of All Time


We don’t know what makes guests on interviews go crazy, but it sure makes good TV. Infact, an akward interview gone wrong can actually generate more buzz and excitement than a good one.

Today we look at 5 of the very best…. I mean… worst.

During this interview George seems to not only be recommending the drug, but actually smoking it during the interview.

Some have claimed Paula may have been on painkillers, others say alcohol, either way, this was a mess… you have to give credit to the hosts for trying to initially blame this on “technical audio errors”.

To be fair to Vanilla Ice, the hosts seemed to be trying to annoy him, but even they can’t have expected such an outburst.

David Blaine has always been a little loco, but even by his standards this interview is very weird. He seems totally out of it, and reveals the eye of protection, which apparently protects him from death.

I am sure we have all seen this now legendary “interview”. In this instance there is clearly a lot of baggage between the two, and boy oh boy does it come pouring out.

  • Chris

    “George Michael should learn to shut his mouth and sing” So the narrator wants him to become a singing ventriloquist?! – What a retarded comment to make, even if we do all know what is meant.

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  • Chris Swyer – Information Empire

    Wow! They were really AWFUL!

    Don’t forget the famous Kerry Katona on This Morning too:


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  • Jay

    LOL – these are fantastic. One of my personal favorites was a after match interview with Brendan Venter

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