And Then I Turned The Gun On Myself


It doesn’t matter if you are a new, or a regular reader of, this post includes an announcement you will need to know about.

As of today I am going to be posting to ONCE PER WEEK.

You may be thinking that I am neglecting the site, or I have become bored of it. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that I simply don’t have the time to make regular posts.

I often hear so called “guru” bloggers claim that the only way to have a successful and popular blog, is to post to it every day. But I strongly disagree with that.

The way I see it, I can post every day and therefore lower the quality of my posts. For example, I could post a page full of links, tell you about my life, and bore you to death with nonsense… or, I could post once per week and only post the absolute best and most interesting information, tips, and secrets from the world that I am now living in.

Let me give you a taster of things to come…

Next week I fly to London, from there I meet with a business partner for a chat for 45 minutes in Heathrow airport. That is a strict 45 minutes, no more, no less. From there I get on another plane and fly direct to Washington D.C

When in Washington I check into a fancy hotel, and do a bit of sight seeing. I take a cheesy photo outside of the White House. I eat crazy sized portions of food and then I spend 48 hours with some of the best minds on the Internet.

This is a strict invite-only scenario. This is not something you will ever see advertised or promoted, and you have to be earning 6 figures just to get considered.

This is not really my kind of thing, but I am contracted to go, and it is a chance of a lifetime for anyone who wants to live the life that four years ago I could only dream of.

I then spend another 48 hours shopping in Washington. I fly back to London, have another chat with a partner, then fly to Madrid and back to my home.

When I get home I start work on what will be the third eBook I have written in the past three months. Where can you buy these eBooks? YOU CAN’T! They will never be for sale (long story, but one day I will explain)

I will continue to write adverts for 7 figure companies, I will do SEO on over ten sites, I will be guest blogger on numerous sites, and I will write reviews for numerous trade magazines.

Then I will either do one of two things:

1) I will continue to have one of the most informative, exciting, and profitable careers I could ever have imagined.

2) The stress of it all will get too much. I will be found face-down in a river on a cold Saturday morning.

Either way, you are going to want to stick around for the ride.

Why? I am going to share whatever information my contracts and non-discloser agreements permit me to expose. I will compile only the best information and post it on here, once per week (no more, no less).

I already have enough material to write blog posts for the next five years. But I am going to only do one post per week, it will most likely be on a Sunday evening.

I have so many things going on right now, I really don’t know where to start first. So I need your input…

What would you like to hear about?

Just in case you are lost for words, here are a few options:

1 ) Copywriting – The most powerful tool any site owner can have.
2 ) SEO – My techniques and tips that gained me success in the Internets 2nd toughest industry… on a budget of ZERO.
3 ) Marketing and Creativity – How to stand out from the crowd.
4 ) Site flipping – How to make 6 figures from buying and selling websites.
5 ) Young Entrepreneurs – My chats and interviews with some of the worlds leading young business men.
6 ) My life in Madrid – Why I am glad to be away from the UK, but still kinda miss it.
7 ) Language learning – How it can open the doors to a new world.
8 ) Killer Content – How to get success on sites like – I showed these tricks to a friend, he got on the front page on his first attempt.

There is a ton more. If I included everything I am working on, and all the people I am working with… I could write at least 50 points.

You are probably thinking… “Arrogant fucker! What a load of bull!”

I would think the same if I was reading this. I honestly still pinch myself every morning with everything that has happened to me over the past few years.

Either I will have a load of great information and advice to share with you over the coming months, or I will crash and burn and you will hear about me on your local news station… probably accompanied by the words “and then he turned the gun on himself”.

Either way, it is going to be a hell of a journey.

I hope you are going to stick around for the ride.

Contact me now ( with the topics you would like to hear about over the coming months, and don’t forget, I now post once per week.

Wish me luck.


  • Martin Reed

    Hi Dean – you have no obligation to your readers; if you want to post once per week then go for it! Best of luck in your future success – I will still be dropping by to read your blog.

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