Adopt a Blog Post – Video Campaign


Every day literally thousands of blogs and blog posts are being neglected, forgotten, de-indexed and ignored. This saddens me, so I have created the ‘Adopt a Blog Post‘ Video Campaign.

I believe that not enough bloggers are utilising online video, so this is a perfect chance for you to make your first ever online video, raise some money for charity, and get tons of FREE promotion for your website.


Remember the blog posts from the past, before they are forgotten and neglected forever.


Adopt and sponsor one of the blog posts of the past by simply creating a video version of that blog post. Thus giving it a new lease of life.


Grab your camera phone, webcam, or video camera, find a blog post that you like, and create a video version of that blog post. You can sing the blog post, you can do it seriously, you can do it in another language, you can do it however you want, there are no limits.

* Your video can’t be more than 6 mins long

* You must start the video with the line “Hello, I am (name) from (website) and this is my adopt a blog post video. I am adopting the blog post entitled (blog post).

* You can read the blog post word for word, you can give your own interpretation, you can review it… whatever you want, but it must be based on that blog post.

* There are no other rules, be as creative or wild as you wish.

* Each video will be added to the bottom of the blog post in question.

* Maximum of 3 videos per person will be used.

Why Bother?

Not only will this get you some lovely free promotion, potentially tons of YouTube and traffic for your website, I will also donate $1 to the sponsor a pet program for EVERY single video published.

“If you give a blogger a headline they can create a blog post for one day, but give them WordPress and a domain name, and they can create blog posts for life.” – Dean Hunt 2008

Upload your video to YouTube and send me the url.

Or simply email me your video to:

“Remember, a blog post if for life, not just for Christmas.”


PS: If you have been meaning to get into online video, now is your chance.

  • Stephen

    Brilliant Dean.

    How do you think of these ideas? I am going to try and pick up a webcam this weekend, as my phone doesn’t have a camera on it.


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  • Diane

    You crack me up, what a brillant idea! Yes, repeating the word in the first comment, but it really is… got me laughing, too :)

    Current score: 0
  • Craig Dewe

    Great idea Dean, I’ll definitely be submitting my videos soon.

    Plus we get to pretend to be Dean Hunt again…now where’s my bra hmm?

    Current score: 0
  • Eric

    This is really a great idea for your previous posts 1 year or 8 months ago will not forgotten. By using videos posted in YouTube, your articles way back can surely be remembered by the viewers online.
    Fantastic Idea!!

    Current score: 0
  • Sandrine

    I really love your idea, and am looking forward to take up this challenge.

    Can you please confirm if there is a deadline for this? I already have targeted one of your posts and will prepare a video, but can’t get to it right away… but should be able within the next few weeks.

    Current score: 0
  • Gemini

    This is WILD idea! Great and out-of-the-box. However I want you to answer my query before I start on it… Do you require a real video, or a animated version of the blogpost would also do? I mean, I would prepare a short PowerPoint presentation about your post with animation and create its video. Would it do??? You know I am good at PP but not at making real videos…

    Current score: 0
  • Dean Hunt


    Yes, any style of video is fine.

    Many thanks,


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