A Personal Brand is Priceless


I recently did an April Fool’s blog post by suggesting that I was leaving the industry and selling the DeanHunt.com domain.

In this post I want to reveal why at the heart of this prank was a real and valuable message.

Ok, firstly, congrats to the many people who spotted the big clue in the post

Screenshot of the image properties below:

So here is the point I want to make regarding this…

Everyone has a personal brand, both on the Internet and in the real world.

It used to be called a “reputation” and these days it can be a powerful and extremely valuable asset.

Now, despite some people thinking that I was mad for requesting $125,000 for the DeanHunt.com domain, the reality is that I would NEVER sell it for that amount, not even for x10 that amount.

You see, your personal brand is built around you, and you are the most important thing you have.

Businesses come and go, trends come and go, investments rise and fall, but you, you are around for the long haul, so an investment of time, energy or money into YOU, is the safest and most logical investment you can make.

Tools like WordPress, Facebook, and even Twitter are great ways of increasing the reach of your personal brand, and we really do live in a time where it has never been easier, or more valuable to create a powerful personal brand.

You Don’t Have to Own YourName.com

When you hear of the brand “Apple” who do you think of? Steve Jobs

Microsoft = Bill Gates

Digg = Kevin Rose

You don’t have to have YourName.com to build a personal brand… as long as you are the voice or content provider for a business or website, then you have a personal brand already… whether you like it or not.

Personal Brands are Fluid

Over the past few years I have focused this blog on affiliate marketing, SEO, Buzz Marketing, Personal Branding and more…

I have blogged about my life in Madrid, then my life in Cheshire, then my life in Sussex…

I am able to do this because a personal brand is fluid, so once you have built up your profile, you can walk into ANY industry with an immediate advantage.

Oprah Winfrey is the best at this… she has created a huge personal brand, and now she sells, cars, books, diets, events, and is in literally hundreds of industries… if Oprah entered the Internet Marketing world tomorrow, she would be THE authority overnight.

Which means that…

A Strong Personal Brand is Recession Proof

If you can create an advantage over the majority, walk into virtually any industry and dominate overnight, have opportunities and offers flowing at you like a tidal wave… then you can be virtually recession proof.

This is one of the cool things about a strong personal brand.

If the wine industry crashes tomorrow… Gary Vaynerchuk can make millions as a speaker, marketer, etc… despite making a name for himself in the wine world, he was able to be fluid and take that credibility to new industries.

Times have changed, we no longer have to do the exact same thing for 50+ years, people with a strong personal brand have an almost unfair advantage.

It really is a fascinating subject, and over the coming weeks I will be doing some live shows and Q&As on Ustream with the brand consultant for Disney and Starbucks.

If you would like to be notified when we launch one of these spontaneous live shows, simply join my Facebook fan page.

  • http://profitsrgood.com/would-you-slap-a-tiger-on-the-ass/ Roland


    Very true. Our own reputation goes beyond price. It is priceless for other things there are credit cards. (Sorry I am cribbing from a Mastercard TV Advert).
    Businesses can come and go because of things outside our control but our reputation or personal brand should remain in tact.

    .-= Roland´s last blog ..Is Your Website Green? =-.

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  • http://renegadeconservatoryguy.co.uk/ Matthew

    Now you tell me. I was just about to change my name to Dean Hunt and make you an offer.
    .-= Matthew´s last blog ..Why I have removed my April Fools joke =-.

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  • http://blog.gradkin.com/ Andrew C Abraham

    Hi Dean,

    Good post. Agree that a strong personal brand is a great insurance policy in a recession. To say that you can walk into any industry is a bit far-fetched though right?

    A personal brand is built around your passions. So if you build your identity around martial arts for example, you aren’t necessarily going to be able to walk into video journalism.

    Could you clarify your point about fluidity of your personal brand?

    .-= Andrew C Abraham´s last blog ..Who cares what you want? It�s about what they want! =-.

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  • http://www.webuildyourblog.com Andrew@BloggingGuide

    A personal brand is really priceless. I for one would do anything to protect that personal brand because it’s you. It’s a representation of who and what you are.
    .-= Andrew@BloggingGuide´s last blog ..How to Get All the Free Traffic You Want =-.

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    Some of you wanted more clarity on the “fluidity” of a personal brand.

    Perhaps a better way to explain it would have been to use the word “authority”… if you have a strong personal brand that is credible, perhaps you have done some public speaking, have a lot of traffic, are well known, have a book deal etc… then you have authority, and you can transfer that authority (in part) to other industries.

    Now, obviously, building authority in the world of affiliate marketing and then transferring to Internet marketing is more effective than going from dog training to video games, but if I was to go into another career tomorrow… I would still ensure I dropped certain authority bling into it.. e.g photos of me on stage, testimonials, past achievements, high profile contacts etc…

    If we use Gary Vaynerchuk as an example…

    He went from wine to business… two VERY different industries… but he talked about the amounts of visitors he got from the wine show, and that was his way into the biz world.

    Now, when he speaks, and I suspect, EVERY time he had a potential client, he will at some point mention the TV shows, magazine covers etc…

    So in summary, authority is fluid, and you can build authority with a strong personal brand.


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