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When I first went to an event and watched public speakers on stage talking about things like marketing and online business, I was in awe of those guys… I thought to myself, “Holy cow, those guys must have BALLS OF STEEL”.

However, the reality was that these guys had been speaking for decades, so they were pretty much desensitised to the fear.

Therefore, it is the noobs that ACTUALLY have the balls of steel.. afterall, we do things that are new, scary, different, strange, risky… and we do so with a lot of fear.

I did my first major public speaking in Feb of 2009, and I was extremely nervous, but I did it anyway, and it went really well.

So if you are just getting into public speaking, just getting started as a blogger, creating your first product, or paying for traffic for the first time, then, it is YOU my friend that has balls of steel, in fact, you have supreme TITAN BALLS OF STEEL.

Here is to all of the people out there who are doing something scary, I salute your warrior balls.


  • http://www.entrepreneur-express.com Zafir Nasir

    Hey Dean. I so totally agree with you on this. There’s a saying that as you grow older you get better at whatever that you constantly do. In this case, these public speakers have been doing this for ages such that they are used to it. I remembered my business partner was so nervous during his first talk but he managed to sell a substantial number of product. I guess it’s all about believeing in yourself and not let fear get the better of you.

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  • http://www.CollectiblesCornerTV.com Tammy

    Can girls have balls of steal? ;-)

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  • Dave mersi

    Warrior balls of steel…..lol man

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