A Blog Post From a Six Month Old Baby


I recently saw a story on Digg about an eight year old boy who has started his own blog.

baby laptop

It seems that the age factor is a powerful and interesting factor in social media so I have decided to cash in on this new phenomenon.

Last night I took my laptop round to see a six month old baby who lives next door. If the Digg readers were impressed with an eight year old boys blog post then imagine how much they will love a post from a 6 month old baby ;-)

So here is the blog post from the six month old boy:

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At this point I took the laptop off him because he was dribbling mashed banana onto the screen and was using his elbows to hit the buttons.

I am not fluent in baby speak, so I hired a baby translator to translate what the baby has written. Here is the full translation:

Windows Vista sucks!

He speaks a lot of sense for a 6 month old.


  • http://www.mothersdayoffers.co.uk Diane

    Aww bless!
    I’ve got pictures of my son playing on games when he was about 3. He’s now nearly 12 and would be mightily embarrassed if I published them.

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  • http://www.knoxit.com.au Jesse-Lee Stringer

    hehe, who wouldn’t be…

    That kids going to be the next Steve Jobs, or else akin to his father, right Deano?

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  • The Dude



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  • Ugashia

    Well you can tell he is going to grow up to be a linux or mac user.

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