7 Valuable Business Lessons I Learned in 2010


A blog isn’t a blog unless there is an end of year wrap-up or list of some sort… so let’s get straight to it…

Here are 7 valuable business lessons I learned in 2010.

1: Multi-Leverage is key to getting big results from your time and energy.

My good friend James Schramko taught me this… basically, he believes that if you are going to put your valuable time and energy into anything, you need to ensure you get as much out of it as possible.

See lesson 2 for further info on this..

I do this in two steps:

a) If an opportunity, task or project arises, I ask myself if the likely results are going to be worth the likely time and energy… if not, it gets scrapped, or, added to my “some day” folder.

b) If I decide to do it, I look for ways to get additional leverage…

For example, if someone wants me to speak on stage at their event, a great way to get extra leverage with no extra effort, is to ensure they are filming the event, and get permission to use the content. Bingo, no extra effort, and now you have content, or even a product.

There is software that will strip out the audio from the video, and bingo, you now have an mp3 of your presentation… you now have an upsell at no extra effort.

If you are just getting one benefit from your time and energy, you may be missing out.

2: Public Speaking simply isn’t leveraged enough for me.

dean hunt

I got into public speaking because I wanted to push my comfort zones, but whilst it is a lot of fun, and I am pretty good at it, it is frankly a LOT more time, effort and risk than it may appear.

Here is one example from this year:

Flights & hotels: $2,000-$3,000
Other expenses: $1,000 (I was there 10 days)
Preparation time: 10 hours
Total flight time: 34 hours

I was also stuck in an airport overnight, spent 11 hours waiting in airports for flights, and lost 3 days due to severe jet-lag. The hotel wifi was terrible, so very little productivity happened during my stay, so that was 10 days away from my business.

Anyway, whilst I have no regrets, I have come to realise that I can get the same leverage for just 90 mins sat at home drinking a coffee, with zero expense… see lesson 7 for details.

Lesson 3: Coaching is a lot of fun, and provides massive value (if done at the right level)

This year I have been running a behind the scenes group coaching program with John Morgan, I have dabbled with coaching prior to 2010, but never really took to it… in 2010 I realised that I was doing it at the wrong level.

Teaching people what a blog is, or how Twitter works wasn’t getting my juices flowing…. so we positioned the Inner Circle at a higher end client… and it has been a LOT of fun, with big results.

The moral of this story is that I could have discounted coaching as something that wasn’t for me, when in reality, I am extremely strong at it… it is just a matter of tweaking to fit your own strengths and preferences.

Lesson 4: “Information is a one-way street”

I got the above quote from Tim Ferriss… James Schramko says it as “You are either creating or consuming”… both are essentially saying that trying to multi task is a productivity killer… if you have a product to create, don’t be reading eBooks or playing on Facebook… if you want to consume a new training program, that is fine, just don’t try and build a website on the same day.

I created by far my best EVER product recently, I was expecting it to take 3 months, and I did it in 10 days… how?

1) I switched off gmail, Facebook, my phone etc… I didnt read a single blog post, or book, I watched no videos, and thought of no opportunities or ideas…

2) I broke the project down into small, specific chunks… always focusing only on what the NEXT action item was.

3) I outsourced the stuff I suck at and hate.

4) I combined an unrealistic deadline with massive, unmovable accountability… specifically, I did this by arranging a live webinar with my friend Phil Henderson where I would sell said product.

This removed all excuses, and gave me massive accountability… I couldn’t make excuses or extend the deadline, it was all or nothing.

Remember, a task will expand in size to fit the time allocated to it… if I had given myself 3 months, it would have taken 3 months.

Lesson 5: Despite a few bad eggs, people in the online business world are nice, warm, friendly and fun.

We have all heard the horror stories, and I know of a few people who seem to have no shame or morals, but on the most part, I find the people in this industry to be quite simply awesome… I could name hundreds of names, but that would be dull, so quite simply, if we met in 2010, or spoke or chatted in any way, then consider yourself awesome ;-)

Lesson 6: The comfort zone is like a muscle.

I strongly believe that very little in life or business is done from within a comfort zone…

Think of your comfort zones as muscles, that if stretched, will grow and expand.

In 2010 I have spoken at a Dan Kennedy event (I was terrified), spoken in Sydney twice, the first time I was averaging 60 mins sleep per night, I held my own event in Nashville, a first for me… I did numerous interviews, including one for CNBC, consulted with celebrities, did live webinars (see lesson 7), and on a personal level, sold ALL my belongings, moved home and country to be with the girl I loved (We are now getting married), I also jumped out of a plane for charity.

From the outside looking in, it may seem that I live a charmed life… but look at the above list, this is a tiny sample of things that scared me, heck, some of them terrified me, but I did them anyway… and that is what gets results.

If I had been too scared to do my first ever event, then I wouldn’t have been in Nashville, and therefore I wouldn’t have met my soon to be wife… you create your own luck in life.

Lesson 7: Webinars are THE most underrated business tool on the net right now.

I have taught everything from blogging to buzz, content to copywriting, social media to social psychology… but there was always one big missing piece to the jigsaw….

A solid, converting sales method.

I am not a fan of long, traditional sales pages, they have their place, and they work for some… but I believe they offer no real value, they take a ton of time and effort to produce, they all look the same, and ultimately, most people don’t like creating them, and most people don’t like reading them… it is a lose/lose.

So when I started doing webinars, everything changed…

I now had a medium that delivered MASSIVE value, even to the non-buyers, it is fun to do them, converts x10 better than written sales pages (I have converted up to 44% on webinars), and the leverage points are huge too….

At no extra effort you can build:

* An email list
* A product
* A brand

In 2011, webinars will be my main focus… I am opening the doors to a few more people in January to On Demand Cash Vault… which teaches EVERY step in success with webinars… so if you are not already on the early bird list… then I tut in your general direction.


Another year has passed by, and once again, we wonder where the time went… we ponder and dream for the year ahead, we lick our wounds, and tally up our achievements… we look to what can be done, and what could have been done better, we thank those who helped us on our journey, and give thanks to those who made us love, laugh and even cry.

To all my friends, I hope you had a great year, let’s make 2011 the best yet.

To our journey.

Dean Hunt

Me and my future wife.

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  • http://www.unlimitedpoweronline.com Ernesto Verdugo

    You are also an awesome guy Dean, happy and proud to call you my friend I wish you and Brittany the absolute best, look forward to meeting her

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    Thansk Ernesto, right back at ya… see you soon amigo.
    .-= Dean Hunt´s last blog ..7 Valuable Business Lessons I Learned in 2010 =-.

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    I didn’t have room for this… but lesson number 8, was this:

    LESSON 8: Opportunity is your ENEMY

    This is a controversial one, but I feel that opportunities and ideas can be a huge distraction… they can result in numerous projects not being completed.

    Be very wary of taking new projects, especially if you haven’t finished the current one.

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  • http://www.incredibleinternetmarketing.com James H Reynolds

    1, 4 and 6 totally resonate with me mate. Oops I should be working on systems diagrams right now…there goes no. 4!!!

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  • http://www.templatejuice.com J.F. Herrera

    This is just what I needed today. One needs to read this sort of stuff every week to help keep us on course and remind us of what is possible. You should push this to Facebook every few weeks.
    .-= J.F. Herrera´s last blog ..Juicy Gallery – Juiced Up Gallery Template =-.

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    Absolutely, those were 3 of the key lessons for me.


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  • http://www.supportandresistance.com Erich Senft, CTA

    Dean, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

    Here’s wishing you a very successful and happy 2011.


    PS: I’ve always enjoyed your light-hearted style…you’re like the Stephen Colbert of IM lol!

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  • Angus Fraser

    Thanks for sharing these 7 (& bonus 8th) valuable business lessons in 2010, Dean – I have certainly benefitted from following you over the last year, since first meeting you in Dubai at the end of 2009. What a way you have chosen to finish the year – all best wishes for you & Brittney for a fantastically memorable day, with a long & happy future together! :-)

    Not forgetting … a Happy Xmas & New Year, with continuing prosperity in 2011!


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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    Many thanks for the kind words… I certainly try and provide enter-trainment where possible. ;-)

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    Thanks for the kind words… it was great meeting you, let’s chat in early 2011, I would love to catchup with you.


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  • http://www.davidwalker.tv David Walker

    Hey Dean,

    Great blog post to round up what has been an exceptional year for you and congratulations on the forthcoming nuptials!

    Your new webinar product looks very interesting – it’s something I want (actually, NEED) to do more of next year so I signed up to the notification list.

    Speak soon.

    .-= David Walker´s last blog ..I Can’t Wait For Christmas Day =-.

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt


    Congrats on your recent news too ;-)

    It is a great training, you would do very well from it… stay tuned.


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  • shanavas

    Congratulations on your wedding. I had met you at UPO program in Dubai. Your ideas are really great.

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    Thanks for all the great comments, and for sharing so much on Facebook.

    Glad you liked the tips.


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  • http://www.michellecrofts.com Michelle Crofts

    Hi Dean,

    Got your email the other day and just read your blog post. I have to add that it is such great news to hear of you meeting all your achievements and that you’ve met a wonderful lady who will soon be your wife – what a great story and example :)

    My aims for this year were as follows:

    - focus on affiliate marketing and get a site going that produces a passive income (done),

    - do some SEO consulting and collect strong testimonials (done),

    - find work I love that pays well and involves working with great people (just started my dream job in SEO this month) where I still get home quite early to spend time with my son (6 minute train ride away – not bad)

    and finally…

    - see Muse in concert (managed to do that twice this year – amazing).

    Good times!

    Enjoy America and keep inspiring us to push ourselves!

    .-= Michelle Crofts´s last blog ..Adding Value to Affiliate Sites with News Stories =-.

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  • http://shuzihealthjewellery.com.au Norman Kennedy

    Dean congratulations on your future wedding,2010 for me was the turning point for me,with a lot of goal setting and just doing what i had to do i have turned my business around from hitting the bottom in 2009 to making 6 figures this year.
    All the best to you for christmas and have the best drunken new year.

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  • http://www.myacnetreatmentreviews.com Amy Martin

    Thanks for all your awesome content in 2010. Can’t wait to see what 2011 has install. Congrats. on the wedding! Enjoy time off.
    .-= Amy Martin´s last blog ..Body Acne Treatment =-.

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  • http://www.its-property.co.uk John Cox


    Great blog followed the link from Ed Lings post and got the bonus number 8 – which totally agree with ;-0

    Catch up in 2011 I am sure somewhere – but some great points well summarised and always great to remind yourself of strengths & weakness (areas of improvement)

    Thanks for sharing and have a great healthy & wealth 2011.


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  • http://www.zedshah.com Zed Shah


    An inspiring blog post. To be honest we havent spoken as much as we should have but hey we’ve got 2011 to catch up bro. Not to sound all cliche but i genuinely believe 2011 is gonna be ‘the’ year for us.

    Wish you the best for your new life and new country out there in Yanksville


    .-= Zed Shah´s last blog ..My Blog Is Gonna Launch Soon About time aswell =-.

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  • http://www.21stcenturynetworking.com/blog/speaking The LinkedIn Guy


    You’re one lucky man! She’s beautiful and both of you look very happy. Meeting you in Dubai and working with you since have been some of my 2010 personal highlights. Looking forward to more in 2011.

    .-= The LinkedIn Guy´s last blog ..Offer page =-.

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  • http://www.peterhassett.com Hass

    Heart warming stuff Dean, very valuable lessons indeed!

    I wish you and ‘the missus’ all the very best not just for the up-and-coming wedding (no doubt I’ll see all the fabulous details in ‘OK!’?), but also for the many happy years you both have ahead of you.

    All the best mate. H ;)

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  • http://www.brandbreakout.com John Morgan

    What an awesome year it’s been bro! It’s been incredible working with you and I’m PUMPED about what we have in store for 2011!!!

    Your visit here was legendary in so many ways! Congrats to you and Brittney!!!


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  • http://www.jimjinright.info Jim Jinright

    Awesome advice and wisdom! Congrats and a big 2011 for all! :)

    Jim Jinright
    .-= Jim Jinright´s last blog ..Internet Marketing Vs Digital Marketing =-.

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  • http://www.seo-il.info Ron

    Great info
    Happy new year & congrats for u & your future wife
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..קידום אתרים בחו”ל – התאמות וטיפים =-.

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  • http://www.SeeCashQuick.com Pearl

    Hi Dean,

    Your title “Everyone is entitled to my opinion” is what got me here – I just love it!

    Now I will just say Congratulations! and thank you! The additional #8 really hit home for me.

    Happy Holidays :)

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  • http://www.jumpstartmatrix.com Maggie Holley


    Some really good pointers here.
    James has been a valuable ally for you- Implement and Leverage.. ( No doubt ringing in your ears!!!)

    In IM world( Internet Marketing)’overwhelm’ is rife- and staying focused on “create OR consume” is VERY difficult, esp. when you realise that for every ‘new’ bright shiny ‘offer’ we come across that our brain hits us up with dopamine- it loves to ‘learn’..
    So seductive!
    Segue to : LESSON 8: Opportunity is your ENEMY

    This is a controversial one, but I feel that opportunities and ideas can be a huge distraction… they can result in numerous projects not being completed.
    Be very wary of taking new projects, especially if you haven’t finished the current one.
    Bloody good advice.

    I hope you and the lovely Brittany have a wonderful Holiday Season…

    Cheers Mate

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  • http://www.networkinggoldmine.com Janna

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for sharing with us and congratulations to you both!

    When you were in Sydney you said “Get out of your comfort zone – that is where the money is!” – that really stuck with me and has been guiding me the last few months and will also do so next year.

    Wishing you the best for 2011 and hope to run into you and your lovely wife again somewhere in the world!

    All the best, Janna
    .-= Janna´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

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  • ankit

    gr8 job DEAN best wishes 4 new yr

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  • http://www.darknaruto.com/ Jimmy

    Merry Xmas and happy new year, mate :) Hope you succeed more in 2011!
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  • http://www.freetraffictips.net/ Chris Ronald

    Hey Dean, great post but I wasn’t expecting anything less from you. Looks like you’re doing webinars… I never had the guts (and I never will) to speak up in front of a crowd.
    Here’s to a Happy New Year, God bless you all!
    .-= Chris Ronald´s last blog ..Sites to get free traffic from- episode 1 =-.

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  • http://obepro.com Jason

    CouchSurfingOri just turned me on to your blog, Dean. Great writer and lots of great stuff. I’ll be seeing you on your webinars soon!

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    the best money making system I have found.

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    Great post.Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

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