5 Reasons Content is King


We have all heard the phrase “content is king” but just how important is content for an online business? And what are the core benefits of creating great content?

Here are five reasons content truly is king:

1 – Content Generates Traffic

Traffic is like the blood of any website, without it, you are screwed… and one of the best ways to get traffic, is… that’s’ right, you guessed it: content.

There are some people out there who are able to create crappy content that is designed only for Google, but I prefer to write for humans, and I recommend you do the same.

There s a big question that you need to ask yourself before you start creating content:

What is your preferred medium?

You see, everyone has one medium that they are strongest in, for me, it is writing… for Frank Kern, it is video, for some people, it is audio, others like to draw cartoons to express information, some people like to sing, some like to be on stage… find out what yours is, and start there, you can experiment with other mediums at a later date, stick to your strengths for now.

Anyway, as I was saying, content leads to traffic… or specifically, good content leads to traffic.

I always try, where possible, to create enter-trainment… so I combine entertaining, interesting content with useful and valuable content… in 2010 and beyond, information is no longer enough, you have to be engaging.

2 – Content Builds Relationships

Content can be a window to the soul… you can quote me on that… you see, content is our expression of a topic, an opinion, a complaint etc… so we are giving the audience a glimpse into who we are and how we think… as a result, if you do this well enough, you can build a bond with the reader.

I try and go a step further by, where possible, admitting my fears, worries and weaknesses… most people in the industry try to avoid this, but I feel it helps to show a real, and more human side.

Oh, and I throw in a fair share of pretty bad jokes from time to time too… (sorry about that)

So if you want to start building a following, then content be what yee seek.

3 – Great Content Leads to Authority (sometimes)

When you teach people a skill, you are automatically given the role of leader, expert, and teacher… all of which are authoritative roles.

Do this often enough, and well enough, and you eventually become THE authority.

I could spend hours talking about authority, but here is a quick tip: You can wait for your marketer to determine your position, or you can tell your market your position. So don’t be afraid of tooting your own horn from time to time.

I believe it was Gary Halbert who was asked how he became known as the world’s leading copywriter, he said something along the lines of “I just kept repeating it until people eventually believed it”.

4 – Content Attract Links and Links Attract Google

If you want to seduce Google, then you need links, and lots of them.

One of the best, and cheapest ways to build links to your site is via compelling content.

The problem here is that everyone and their dog says you need good content, but nobody tells you how to make good content, or even, what the heck the definition of good content actually is.

Here is a strategy I teach clients…

The most effective form of content you can create is content that causes an emotional response.

This can be laughter, inspiration, anger, desire, hope, joy, etc…

Make your audience feel an emotion (any emotion) strong enough, and you will get talked about en mass.

Actually, emotion is THE key to going viral, but that is a whole new subject for another day.

So next time you see content that has gone viral, or grabbed your interest, ask yourself: What emotion has this content made me feel?

5 – Great Content Sells

We have perhaps saved the best until last…

Videos, podcasts, sales pages, articles… apply great content to any of these and you can make sales.

It doesn’t matter whether you focus on copywriting, sales, marketing… the end result is that you are giving content, heck, even a long sales letter is technically content (and I hate those darn things).

Do it right, and you can make a fortune… so this is perhaps the most exciting reason to master the art of great content.

Enjoy, and may the content be with you (wow, that is the geekiest thing I have ever said)


PS: I coach and mentor, and one of the main areas I help with is content creation. If you are looking to get to the next level, send me an email to: Contact@DeanHunt� DOT com

  • jacob brills

    Not exactly the biggest revelation online in 2010 but well written nonetheless.

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  • http://deanhunt.com Dean Hunt

    Your very welcome (bangs head on desk)

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  • http://www.webuildyourblog.com Andrew@BloggingGuide

    Content is king because if you post regular useful and informational content on your site especially if you’re a new site, it will help in traffic generation as well as in search engine rankings. I also totally agree with causing an emotional response with your content, it would build relationship as well as create loyal readers. Really nice concept you have here which I haven’t read from anywhere else.
    .-= Andrew@BloggingGuide´s last blog ..5 Ways to Make a Better and More Well Visited Blog (or just 5 Ways to Increase Traffic) =-.

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  • http://www.howtospoter.com/ Alex Sysoef

    Great content also generates response from your readers :-)

    If you manage to engage people with information you shared – you get comments, participation, etc .
    .-= Alex Sysoef´s last blog ..Affiliate Marketing � Ways to Avoid Non-Paying Vendors =-.

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  • http://www.theinternetmarketingstrategies.com Justyna Bizdra

    I would add my 2 cents too… great content, great product, great service – it works everywhere and builds relationships. But still there are so many people out there online and offline who make “nice cover” just to attract the client who then buys only once but spends some money already. Can they sleep well?;))
    .-= Justyna Bizdra´s last blog ..Is WordPress Security of any importance to you? =-.

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  • http://eunusat.com Eunus Hosen

    Content is king but I want to say “Quality content is king.” If you’ve rubbish content, why people will return? So quality content leads to success.
    .-= Eunus Hosen´s last blog ..An Update Comes from Infolinks =-.

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  • http://www.180bydesign.com Chuck Norton

    I agree with ‘Eunus Hosen’ – it has to be quality. There is TONS & TONS of content out there, but what we really want is quality content.

    But the post is par on in that content is more important than promotion. We’re all sick of over promoted crap that has no real depth. Content, quality content, is definitely the long term key to success.

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  • http://tristanrichards.net Tristan Richards

    Quality content speaks to the reader and not the search engines. You have to be connecting with your viewers.
    .-= Tristan Richards´s last blog ..This just in� Social Media is DEAD! =-.

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