My Life Has Been Sponsored for $1 Million


Recently I did a deal where my life has been sponsored for $1 million, today I am going to share this incredible story with you.

be yourself

It all started when I agreed to cycle through India to raise money for I was looking for creative ways to raise money during the trip, so I contacted some influential business experts and asked if they would be open to sponsoring me… in exchange, I would wear an item of clothing with their logo/website URL on it.

Mark Joyner got the email, and immediately saw the benefits of the idea.

The idea has since spread, and currently we have a contract for up to $1 million.

I am sure you want more details, so here they are:

What Exactly Does This Involve?

construct zero

I will be wearing an item of promotional clothing, primarily a t-shirt… it will have the logo and URL of, a superb new project that Mark recently launched.

I will wear it on stage when I speak at marketing and business events, I will wear it whenever I do online videos, I will aim to wear it for all photo opportunities etc…

What’s more, I will wear it in mastermind events, and I will aim to mention in all my interview, webinars, podcasts, guest posts etc.. so this means that they will get promotion from numerous sources.

The above photo was taken at Yanik Silver’s Underground Seminar in February… there were hundreds of people at the event, and it was filmed to go on DVD, so thousands more will see it.

$1 Million?

As is the case with all deals of this size, there is a payment plan in operation, and it is subject to me meeting certain criteria.. afterall, if I decide to go and become a plumber next year, it is likely that they won’t want to continue.

At the moment, it is a max of 30 years, paid at $35,000 per annum.

Why Doesn’t Mark Use the Money to Go Towards The Project?

That is a great question.

For ConstructZero to work, it needs attention, it needs people to talk about it, get passionate about it etc..

A lot of the money will be going to charity anyway, but, unless I generate enough interest to MORE than cover the investment, then it is likely we will do more than one or two years.

What Can We Learn From This?

I am strong believer in personal branding, and I think this deal shows the strength of a good personal brand in the current climate. We are all playing the fame game these days, and authority and brand can get you a long way.

I have built my personal brand through creative thinking, and this deal is yet another example of what can happen when you think big and think outside the box.

Do I have the biggest, most powerful website and brand on the net?


Do I have a personal brand that stands out from the crowd, grabs attention and is remembered?



The goal is to donate at least $100,000 of this money to, I imagine that the final figure will be a lot higher.

I got involved with HEAL last year, a good friend of mine does a lot of work with them, and I agreed to do the cycle ride to help raise much needed funds. If we hit our targets, this deal could be life-changing for many people.

What Is ConstructZero?

I think this video can explain it far better than I could, and Mark’s passion is clear for all to see:

If this may be a project you would like to get involved in, no matter how small a contribution, simply visit their How can you help page.

Or, email me at: with the subject “ConstructZero”

What Next?

I will be doing lots of interviews, initially on blogs and websites, I will be speaking at more events this year, and the goal is to eventually be featured in mainstream media. If you would like to interview me, contact me at

And remember, the Internet gives us all the tools and potential to have a million dollar personal brand (and beyond).

Please leave your comments or questions below.


  • Chris

    Wow, Dean, this is huge.

    I first heard about it from your twitter page, I hadn’t heard of the construct project before though.

    I will go and look at the site.


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  • Agent 001

    Construct Zero is doing some nice work. They need to spread their word, so that more people can help.

    They should contact the top bloggers. Top bloggers would be ready to support such nice project and organisation.

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  • Normal Joe

    I love it man! I remember when I first heard about this…I thought it was crazy!

    That’s why I love just being me man, no one can beat you at being yourself, if you try to be like someone else the best you can be is second!

    be yourself!

    good stuff Dean!

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  • Tom

    Hi Dean,
    I’ve heard about constructZero, being a Simpleology member.

    You’re certainly the best choice for branding or spreading word about a project, a smart choice for ConstructZero.

    All the best,

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  • Kirk VandenBerghe

    Lots of obvious positives. Congrats on your involvement, Dean.

    My questions:

    “Can you imagine continuing to promote ConstructZero year after year and far into the future?”

    “Do you have any concerns that so much promotion on your part of ConstructZero might erode or overshadow your own brand?”

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  • Dean Hunt


    Many thanks,

    Simpleology is awesome. Mark has a great way of reducing complex things into something that anyone can grasp.


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  • Dean Hunt


    The arrangement is going to be re-analyzed on a year to year basis, so, there is the option for either myself or the guys at ConstructZero can pull out if needed.


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  • Sue

    Hi Dean,
    I just love to read about what you’re doing to create buzz. I haven’t quite figured out how to do what you do – but I’ll keep reading. I have a chance to win a $1000 Entrepreneurial Spirit 2009 Grant
    at Idea Cafe. My company “Go Green Go” was selected as a finalist – now I need votes – can you help me out? Voting for the winner will be open until July 7th 2009 at
    It would be great if all your followers could help out.
    Keep up the great work,
    Sue Jenkins – Go Green Go

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  • Ernesto Verdugo

    Cool Dean, I will be delighted to include the logo on the brochures of the Unlimited Power Online event in Dubai this year.


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