17,000 Orgasms In 3 Days


Note: This is a GUEST post

Dean here… I don’t normally do guest posts, afterall, the name of the site is my name, so therefore it makes sense for you to hear from little old me.

But two things are making me break this rule today:

1) I just moved back to the UK, and whilst I am doing my best, I don’t have the appliances and tools needed to be at full power.

2) The guest article is about me, and I really could do with an ego-stroking right now.

So here goes, enjoy this guest article:

17,000 Orgasms In 3 Days

If this number made you curious, read on :)

Dean is a cool guy and he offers good stuff for free. But I believe that lots of people don’t realize the full potential off his techniques.

I can share just one word about the buzz stuff he teaches….they…are…DEADLY. They can get you heaps of traffic. I’m a living proof of it.

What’s my story? The article that got 17.847 views is this one. My goal was to promote a site called Thirty Day Challenge. I was generating referrals on this site. The result? I got over 800 referrals just from this article!

Just take a look (number of clicks on the 30 Day Challenge link):

I got over 1500 clicks on the link and at that time, around 500 people signed up on the site. In the following days, the number got lower but even today I get around 30 clicks just from the article alone!

The article got featured on StumbleUpon within 10 hours and it got on delicious front page within 2 days. Wow!

So, how can you achieve the same results? By signing up to Web Traffic Orgasm of course :)

Just kidding. Here are some of Dean Hunt’s now famous techniques that worked for me:

GLOBAL APPEAL. Everyone wants to know how to make money online.

LISTS. I’ve read an article about a man who did a research on Digg front page articles that appeared like lists and found that Top Seven work best. I’ve used that too (although I didn’t achieve any significant results on Digg, but it seems this works also on StumbleUpon).

Now, here’s some of my stuff I discovered (Dean mentions them too):

* EMOTIONAL APPEAL. If you make something funny, or something that makes people say Wow; congrats, you’re a potential candidate for a social media orgasm. My article offered this appeal by telling this at the end: IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY. Many people clicked on it just because of that.

And let’s face it, why do we all read articles? We want to experience an emotion. Logic doesn’t work here, not as much as emotions.

* Again, LISTS. Here’s a quick tip: These days, huge lists work. Recently I’ve tested this and it worked like a charm. If you make (or steal :) ) 100+, 200+, 140+, 135+ resources/websites/secrets to …. I guarantee you’ll get some attention.

Yes, that is 99% of what I did to get so many views. It’s very simple actually! And you can do it too.

—–end of article—-

For those of you that expected more and liked what I said here are more tips to get buzz:

* Create resource lists (I know, this is becoming boring)
* Pictures work. Funny pictures work.
* Sex works (and will continue to work).
* Event related stuff work (even after the event). E.g: President elections
* Titles that create intrigue like: What would happen if WWII was featured of Facebook, what if Stalin used MySpace, these are popular things that get featured these days on social sites
* Also, articles about the social networking site you’re promoting your article on get featured a lot

Good luck fellas ;)

—real end of article—

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