I Can See The Future

I am going to tell you about a miracle that happened to me recently. This is so incredible that I am writing this post at 2:00am on a Saturday morning.

WARNING: If you are naturally sceptic then prepare to have your beliefs shattered.

Recently I discovered that I have psychic powers……

I can see into the future and predict things with great accuracy BEFORE they happen.

You are probably thinking that I have been drinking too much, so continue to read and I will PROVE MY GIFT.

Six months ago I made a prediction that went against the beliefs of 99.9999% of all webmasters, marketing experts, SEO consultants and online business men. I was mocked by so called experts who claimed that my theory and predictions were nonsense and false.

Well recently my predictions were proven to be accurate. Infact….


You have probably guessed by now that my prediction doesn’t include lottery numbers, sporting events, or the world ending. My prediction was SEO and marketing related.

You can see my prediction in full here: Text Link Advertising

If you don’t have time to read that page then I will explain:

6 months ago I predicted that text link advertising will get noticed by Google and will have negative effects on your site from an SEO perspective.

Here are quotes from my prediction last November:

Text Link Advertising effects by DeanHunt (6 months ago):

*Could get you banned
*Could lose your ability to pass PR from your site
*Your Inner pages could stop passing PR
*You could lose some of your current PR
*You will leak link juice

At the time I got emails from so called SEO gurus who claimed my predictions were nonsense. I even had someone who claims to be a successful webmaster give me numerous reasons as to why I was 100% wrong.

So imagine my delight when I heard recently that Google have now said that Link Text Advertising can “affect your reputation in Google”

This amazing news is now being discussed around the webmaster and SEO world: Google doesn’t trust paid links & Selling links is bad

Matt Cutts (Google engineer) is even telling people how to report sites that sell links.

Put simply…. if you sell links from now on, expect to get tons of people sending spam reports to Google about your site.

So what can you learn from this?

Insight is one of the most powerful tools a marketing and SEO expert can have. The Marketing and SEO rules are always changing, so to get the best results you need to be 10 steps ahead of your competitiors.

The second, and most important lesson.

If you are going to read the blogs from the BIG names of the SEO and Marketing world, be careful not to believe everything they say.

Only a handful of SEO and marketing gurus agreed with my prediction, the other 99% were completely wrong. In fact, if you have followed their advice then your site may be penalised by Google now.

Just imagine that…. you have been reading blogs and forum posts from people you consider as experts, and they have potentially cost you and your business LIFE CHANGING amounts of money.

Now is your chance to ensure you don’t make that same mistake again. Next time your site could be….

removed completely from the search engines!

So here is what I recommend you do…. right click on this page and click bookmark. This will give you access to me and my blog 24/7.

In return I will make a pledge to you. I will promise you all of the following:

* I will be the SEO who doesn’t blindly follow the other experts.
* I will be your SEO who makes logical, and profit reaping choices and predictions.
* I will be the marketing blogger who shares his secrets that help get his clients on the front page of Digg.com WITH EASE
* I will do my best to answer your questions and emails 24/7

If the above is what you look for in a marketing and SEO blogger? Bookmark me now! And if you are a feed user, then here is my direct feed address: http://www.deanhunt.com/feed

I predict I will see you soon.

From your psychic SEO and marketing friend.


PS: Don’t bother emailing me for next week lottery results ;-)

  • Guest

    First post I’m reading on your site. All I can say is: NEVER, EVER, change your tagline “Because everyone’s entitled to my opinion”. Love it so much!

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  • Nidasadaqat9

    may be its all about the mental situations n the six sense.

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  • Dheeraj Chopra77

    this happened to me also and i can also predict future before it happened. . . .
    nobody can believe this

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    • giga

      Ok can someone tell me the 6 winning numbers in tonights powerball. Future???? My foot.

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  • Emery

    FINNAAALLLYYYYYYY SOMEONE WHO CAN SEE THE FUTURE TOO :D DDDDDDDDD…I see the future through dreams and vistions but just like you my scences stop when i try to use my gift for self puposes. This ability can be trained trust me you have a great GIFT!!!!!!

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  • Garrett Smith

    I need advice on how to control it awake because i feel like i am lossing control and it sometimes takes over and it scares me when i dont know when it will come true or not, for example i had a dream i was killed by a bagger(spelling kind of sucks)and in very good detail and that scared me especially when i knew what i was wearing and where every object was in the dream. need advice to control it before it controls me happend about a few years ago but i still get death dreams here and there. 18 now but the dreams started when i was 4 did not know what they ment until 13

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  • Iseethefuture


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  • Iseethefuture

    i recently began to take my ability to “see” things “clearly” seriously and im looking for people like me!

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  • jessica

    okay well.. i’m not going to say i can see the future, but i remember, when i was really really young, about say 9 years old, i would usually think of a person on tv, or a song on tv, a movie or a cartoon, and that same day, it would happen… but now it doesn’t happen anymore, i don’t know what happened and i really wish i could tell the future, more accurately… i know people who are gifted with the gift of seeing the dead, or seeing the future, and they don’t want this gift, they hate it because the want peace…

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  • Garrett Smith

    yeah great gift and i now know i will never lose it and in a way it makes me special then anyone else i know who dont expeience it because in my mind out of all the bullies all the wirdos all the assholes all the cool people in my school i have it

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  • Asad

    well no jokes…subconscious mind can see future with full details time and dates.A research on this is on way and soon we will succeed to make a future viewing possible on a computer. It happens with a brain signal frequency not being public to all. this brain signal wave was discovered in 1942.

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  • pikon

    I dont understand how to control my thoughts. they just keep telling me the future. They scare me a lot. I hope someone can tell me how to control them. please help

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    • Dereth Fusu

      I have seen into the future many times. But for me it only happens when im under the influence of marijuana.

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  • katie

    i dont get it i really need to know how to control it and its crazy abd i really need to talk with you guys!

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  • melissa

    Dean, I am a single mom how has gone through lot in the last 5 Yeah. I would like to be with my girls more and get my self back to good health. Can you tell me what the winning number are to the lotteRy? So I can stay with my girls and be apart of their school activities and I would be able to pay for the health care I need to get bbetter. Thank you.

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  • kat

    I can see the future too ever since I was around 5 only things that I witness during the day like someone new I will meet so only small things. you appear to have more control over this ability. Its only an image or a scene of what I will see during the day but I am rather forgetful any advice on developing this?

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  • Lexi

    I can see the future in my dreams and 1-15mins in the day before they Happen I am a kid I have a gift that I only have told one person that’s my best friend but I have moved stuff with my hand when she told me to try it then I moved it I got scared and haven’t done it since but Idk what to do

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    • Nathan Staveley

      You think this is a joke? I can actually see the future. I come here looking for answers. I look in the comments and look someone who can mooove things with there hand. What a joke.

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  • Taylor Tolkinen

    i found people like me i see the future by look at someone and see what there going to end up doing and my dreams and visions are 100% correct all the time

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    • Gege

      Me to area u Finnish because my maiden name is luukkeon

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  • Black7

    Can someone just help and tell me how to see in the future? What do you use? And how are you doing it? I just wanna know, plz help me it’s very important. I searched on google many times but i can’t find anything…

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    • Nathan Staveley

      You can’t learn to see the future. For me I’ll just get a vision sleeping or just relaxin. But when i try to see a vision it’s like what I’m trying to see my brain rejects me. I get teary eyed and I shake. It’s like my brain is keeping something from me and is only showing me the good things if the future. I think when I try to see something my self conciounse is crying Over what it’s seeing. Trust me you don’t wanna see the future. I had a vision of the future. It was my death. I get stabbed… I’m homeless and I get stabbed the guy takes everything I had and I’m left there to die… No family no home no wife or children nothing. I die alone. Sometimes I wish I had never seen that cause that thought to me haunts me and will for the rest of my life

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  • Gege

    He can to me to its werid

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  • Ruby

    when I was younger, I used to dream about the future all the time, I could see something in my dreams and it could happen few hours, days, weeks, months and even years later.
    nothing too serious, just random events like at school or at dinner – nothing life changing. but lately it just disappeared – I really wished to have it back and develop it to something useful – how can I do that? is there any chance for me to have it back or is it gone for good?

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  • Nathan Staveley

    Anyone that can help me understand this please comment back. I have seen things that have happend before my birth things of my intire time line ahead of me and they all happen. If this is not just me being crazy thing I’m in trouble. I’ve seen what I turn into in the future. Living on the streets. I get stabbed around 40. I realize that all these might be true. My marks in school are horrible fails or c-. I’ve seen things next thing I know they happen. Everything. The visions are getting more vivid I can now remember what happens after they stop. This can’t be a coincidence . I believe in evolution. Could time tellers be the next evolution too man kind? Please contact me I’ve seen my intire life from beginning to end over and over again the same and getting longer visions over and over again they extend every time and they are never wrong. Often memories get stored at the back of your mind when they are not remembered as frequently so you can remember more. Most of these visions I can’t remember but I have been having a really bad memory since these visions and I seem to not remember anything anymore. Im 15 and can’t remember what has happend five minutes ago and they take time to come back to me. Could I be having visions self consciously and moving “old” memories to the back of my head? PLEASE HELP

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    • Marlon Bulan

      Hi! I might not be a great help but I can share you some thoughts and experiences I had. I am actually looking also for someone who has this the same gift as mine. Mine was spooky because I saw the death of my father few months before he died but I didn’t do anything about it. After that incident I started looking for answers and how to enhance this ability. I read a lot psychology books. You know I can’t discuss this here so if you are interested just send me a message.

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  • Brooke

    Hi. I’m only 11 and I have predicted the future several times before. I don’t know what to do or what it can do to me. I’ve only told my sister so how to i tell everyone else and harness my ability

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