Why It Is a BAD Idea to Try


Here is a true short story to explain what I mean by “trying is a bad idea“…

About a year ago I got in touch with a contact who I was looking to do some business with… I sent him a message that said:

“Let’s try and chat tomorrow at 2ish”

His response was very eye-opening… he said:

“No, let’s not ‘try’ or ‘aim’ to chat tomorrow at 2ish, we are both adults, let’s DEFINITELY chat tomorrow at 2″

This may have seemed a little bit blunt, but the lesson was a good one, if you want to do something, then DO IT… by using language like “try”, “aim for”, “attempt”, etc… you are making it seem like a casual decision instead of an absolute commitment.

The person in question has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months, and this lesson really stayed with me.

I still struggle with this myself, often trying to overly please people and sometimes not being able to deliver, so the re-telling of this story will act as a reminder to me too.

If you can relate to this story or have any thoughts then DO leave a comment below. ;)